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Aqua-Vu’s Looking Glass app

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When Alice stepped “Through the Looking Glass” in Lewis Carroll’s sequel to Adventures in Wonderland, she discovered animals and objects few people could have imagined. Abundant apologies for comparisons to Mad Hatters and Cheshire Cats, but when the lens of an Aqua-Vu® Underwater Viewing System first unlocked the aquatic universe nearly twenty years ago, reactions among anglers were equally excited as those of Alice.

Now, on the eve of ICAST 2013, the original underwater camera company is poised to present a whole new experience in subsurface exploring. Aqua-Vu is inviting anglers and underwater adventurers to step through the Looking Glass™ of another sort. An exclusive new video enhancement app, Looking Glass allows users of underwater cameras to experience the world of bass and bluegills in a brand new light.

First developed for stealth surveillance, as well as deep-sea applications, the Looking Glass app will soon be available for download from the iTunes Store. The remarkable technology, which enhances, sharpens and crystallizes video in real-time as well as in post-production, opens a whole new plane of underwater possibility, with applications well beyond fishing.

Aqua-Vu president and CEO, Ben Gibbs, explains the seemingly magical tool: “Aqua-Vu’s visibility enhancement technology uses specialized mathematics software to optimize each video frame for contrast and color spectrum. Looking Glass is not a labor-intensive editing program. It is an auto-enhancing system that improves and enhances underwater visibility in all conditions. Simply open a Looking Glass “window” anywhere on the screen of your wireless device and immediately note a dramatic improvement in image quality and clarity.”

Begin by deploying an Aqua-Vu Camera, perhaps into the waters of a dingy lake. Open a magic window on your iPhone and watch waters instantly clear. Or peel back the virtual curtain and let sunshine out the dark. Unlock an enchanted door and discover fish, structure, and cover you didn’t know were there. When you step through Aqua-Vu’s Looking Glass you never know what you might see next.

Media and fishing industry representatives attending ICAST are invited to stop by Aqua-Vu booth #754, July 10, 11 and 12 to experience a hands-on demo of Looking Glass, as well as another game-changing technology to be announced soon. For those not present at ICAST, check out Aqua-Vu’s Facebook page for frequent updates and demos.

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