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Full Version: 2018/2019 Ice Fishing Challenge TopH2O
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Here's a few more entries:

Starvation Reservoir, 12-18-2018: Walleye 16"

Starvation Reservoir, 12-18-2018: Brown Trout 18.5"

Starvation Reservoir, 12-18-2018: Brown Trout 19.5"

Walleye came home for dinner. Both browns were released unharmed.


Good Starvy fish!

Walleye - 16.5

Brown Trout - 19.5

Hi Ron,
I caught ONE (1) yellow perch today at Starvation. I think most of the little ones are now walleye poop.

Yellow Perch-13"
Starvation Reservoir, 01/04/2019


I guess I should have attached the photo, thus the edit!

Congrats on the lonely Starvy perch!

Yellow perch - 13

My trip to Joe's Valley only produced 4 fish but one was this 20" splake.

Water: Joe's Valley Reservoir, January 29, 2019

Species: Splake

Length: 20"


Nice healthy splake there, Mike!

Splake - 20