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Full Version: Standings - Utah Ice Fishing Challenge 2019/2020 Updated Jan. 3
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Here you go! Some "Early Ice" standings from our early cold snap and some high country action. Temps have been a little warm lately to get things going at lower elevations.
Dec. 1 Update - We're seeing ice slowly beginning to develop and a few more fish have been posted. Attached is the update as of Dec. 1. I plan to update the standings table once a week depending on the number of fish posted. Shoot me a PM or reply here if you have any questions/suggestions/requests for tracking the Challenge. Have fun! Be safe. Ron
I like it when you update on Mondays. Many people have caught and posted fish over the weekend. Plus, it gives me something to look forward to on what might be a let-down Monday. In any case, I appreciate the work you put into this.
Thanks Craig. I agree with you. Mondays are good days for an update. I will generally try to stick to that.
Dec. 15 Update - Slowly, we keep adding fish. Enjoy!
[#ff0000]Dec. 22 Update - Here's an update and wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Fishing. I hope you can get out over the holidays and enjoy some ice fishing. I'm looking forward to your posts. Ron[/#ff0000]
Dec. 29 Update - It's good to see some ice on our larger reservoirs now. Some nice cutthroat from Strawberry Res. and pup lake trout from Flaming Gorge being posted this week. Happy Fishing and wishing you a Happy New Year. Ron
Jan. 2 Update - Things are beginning to shake up! We have had quite a few fish posted the last few days and several contestants getting "on the board" so I thought it would be good to provide an update before the weekend. Enjoy, have a great weekend and Happy Fishing!
Jan. 12 update - Kind of a slow week for fish posts.
Jan. 20 Update - We have had some good size trout posted this week. joatmon remains in the lead and has posted 9 species. Happy fishing!
Jan. 27 Update - We have had some movement in the standings this week with a few nice panfish (perch and crappie) a nice 14" smallmouth by T-Boz and a 23.5" channel catfish posted by wiperslayer1. kentofnsl moves up to second and joatmon is still hanging on to the top. Enjoy. Happy Fishing!
Feb. 2 Update - We have a new leader this week with wiperslayer1 posting a 20" 'bow. Combining that with his 13.5" perch and 23.5" channel cat, puts him in the lead. TopH2O joins the board posting a 16" Strawberry Kokanee and Joatmon adds another specie to our list and the smallest fish posted so far with a 4" Spottail shiner from Willard. Have a great week. Happy fishing. Ron
Feb. 9 Update. Nice Willard collection posted by EyLayo and channel catfish by Jig-fisher. Enjoy.
Ron are you able to get back on line yet?  I'll send you my contact info so you can call if you need help getting back on line... Hopefully I know how to help there... Later Jeff
(03-03-2020, 04:57 AM)SkunkedAgain Wrote: [ -> ]Ron are you able to get back on line yet?  I'll send you my contact info so you can call if you need help getting back on line... Hopefully I know how to help there... Later Jeff

Hey Jeff - I am back. I think. Still trying to figure this all out. I'll get the standings of the Ice Fishing Challenge updated ASAP. 
Update - March 3 - Here is a first update after migrating to the new site. We are definitely winding down. I hope you have a chance to get out before the end of this seasons Challenge (Sunday March 15th). The standings table looks great with this new format. I hope I captured all the posts during our break. Send me a message if I missed something. [attachment=32]
March 8 Update - EyLayo, kentofnsl and SkunkedAgain (Jeff) made it to the Gorge last week. EyLayo iced a very nice 38 1/2" Laker to edge him into the lead over Kent. Our first burbot of  the season were finally posted. One by EyLayo and another by Jeff. We are on the home stretch. This is the final week for the Ice Challenge and it ends at mid-night Sunday March 15th. I'll update and announce the winner Monday March 16th. Have fun and be safe. 
March 15, 2020 - Final Standings! 
2019/2020 Utah Ice Fishing ChallengeFinal Standing March 15, 2020. Congratulations to EyLayo as our repeat winner of the 2019/2020 Utah Ice Fishing Challenge! EyLayo also won last years’ Challenge. EyLayo posted the largest fish and ranks 1[sup]st[/sup] in the "Predator" category with his 38” Lake Trout posted last week. He also takes top honors for posting the most species in the challenge at 14. I want to thank everyone that participated and helped with this year’s challenge.

Winners for each category
wiperslayer1 – 13.5” yellow perch – kentofnsl also posted a 13.5” perch but wiperslayer1 posted first, so wiperslayer1 takes it.

kentofnsl 22.5” cutthroat trout

SkunkedAgain – 18” Largemouth bass

EyLayo – 38” Lake trout

catchinon – 25.5” Channel catfish

Winners will be recognized at an upcoming get together. Stay tuned for more information and dates as plans are made.

Thanks Ron,
Been a lot of work for you to keep it all updated and make this happen... Thanks for all you've done it's been a blast, can't wait for next year!!!!  Prizes to be awarded at the spring flotilla... Likely in May...  Thanks everyone for participating, there are a lot of great fish that hit the score sheets this year... lot of fun memories of new waters and new friends made...  Hope to see ya all next season, if you don't continue on to the cat fish contest... Later Jeff
Thank you, Jeff! It was a lot of fun even though I wasn't able to get out nearly as much as I would have liked. Next Year! Now for some warmer days and open water fishing. Time to get the boat out.
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