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Full Version: Changing time and Reputation
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Can someone tell me how to set the time on here? Also, explain about Reputation?
Click on User CP, click on edit options under user profile. Change to GMT -6
(03-13-2020, 03:39 AM)catchinon Wrote: [ -> ]Also, explain about Reputation?

That 'Reputation' number on your posts is based on how other members have rated you.  The choices are Pos (+1), Nuetral (0), and Neg (-1).  I just gave you a Pos (+1) and you will now notice a '1' instead of a '0' after the word 'Reputation'.  I would guess this is kind of like a 'LIKE' button in fb.  If you click on the '1', you will be shown a box with the total number of ratings and what comments were made when somebody rated you.  Try it; I left a comment.   Big Grin