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Full Version: Truck Project
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I have owned my 2000 F250 since 02'. Done a few projects with it over the years but one I did immediately is installed a 2" leveling kit. The kit only raised the front end and nothing required in the rear. The truck had a descent smooth ride as a stock truck but as soon as the leveling kit went on the ride stiffened up. I drove it like that ever since, got use to it. This past year I found a new system that I can install to help smooth out the ride again, fingers crossed. It consists of installing a Sulastic spring replacing the shackle on the rear of both front leaf springs. Sulastic springs can also be installed on the rear leaf springs but since this truck had a stock smooth ride in the beginning I'm installing the Sulastic on the front only. Installing these whether on the front/rear or both is not suppose to interfere with the integrity of the 3/4T. This is a pricy item at $420 for a pair. I also have the option to further the smooth ride by installing rear Sulastic springs.

Sulastic Rubber Springs| Dodge Ram/Ford PowerStroke/GM 2500/3500 (
I'm in a bone-stock S10 but I want to put some Bilstein shocks on it so I can take it into rougher places. It raises it up a little but not a lot. Your F250 sounds like a solid truck.
I usually get the ProComp shocks for their affordability which is also a good shock but the redesign of the front shock where they inverted the plunger to the axle end was leaking on 2 sets(original set warranty). After 2nd set started leaking I went to the Bilstein up front and still running ProComp on rear. Next change will be Bilstein all around.
Got those rubber shackles installed and noticed a difference in how the front handled some of the rough areas especially railroad tracks. Also installation instructions says it will add 1/2" in height instead I ended up with 1 1/2". I wasn't banking on that since already having a 2" leveling kit installed years earlier. Now I'm in deep thought to add the rubber shackles to the rear.  Huh
Hey, get some boots with real tall heels so you can get up in that sucker.  Wink Sounds like a fun project and something I need to do.
excellent . I agree. I think you can get a pair of them at a cheaper price. It only takes a little creativity.