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Full Version: Catfish Contest 2014 BLK
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Hey, it's a start! Caught at Ut. Lake 5-1-14. Gonna claim 28 on one and the other would be 26 if he held still for the photo -- 25 1/2 for sure.

Note: Both will be bumped for 30+ inchers before end of Sept.[sly]


[#005000]Finally a southerner puts one down for the score! Can definitely see the 28, but I think we'll have to go 25.5 on the other. But seeing as how you're going to bump all those anyway, should I even score these?[/#005000] [blush]
[#005000]Little hard to read that sign with all the glare. Are these really this year? [/#005000] [:p]

[#005000]25.5 pnts
28 pnts [/#005000]
Show me the three inches you're complaining about? We can bring in a second opinion, no problem.
26 to 25.5, 28 scored as entered. Is there another entry I'm missing?

SHOW ME THE KITTY! (as they say...sort of)

You are a strong adversary, no doubt (at 28 you're #1, for now)

[inline "Fish Be With You.png"]
Now that was funny stuff there CYS!!![laugh]
Here's some improvement... May 23rd at Lincoln Beach, 27 inches.

No need to fret about the little one Yote cut 3 inches from in the team "Entrants and Standings." Clearly an attempt to manipulate the standings in favor of the north. Shameful! Shameful I say!

Hey, with the water temps up to 65 degrees we, the south, will start to get some serious cats entered. Fun [Smile]

[#005000]Nice fish, great fish photo. No reservations - Bird Island been berry berry good to you.


NOW I see what you're griping about. Standings corrected. Sometimes I'll all thumbs (and fat-fingers)
Bird Island, June 6th, 30inches and 10.3 lbs. Finally made the 30 inch club so now can get serious about some really big ones. [Wink]


Yup - ya done it. Fat fish too, got more girth than mine did hafta say. Yeah, enough of them little pups you been playing with, time to get serious!

30 pnts
Finally a little movement. Got this one today, 8-16 while fishing near Bird Island on Utah Lake. I think he is right at 29 inches.

The big ones are starting to move.[crazy] Next post will be a 30 + and then a couple real big ones in Sept.[Wink]



It's a solid entry. Nice for you to get above the two footers for a change. Thinking you were stuck in a rut. Stack of bows on deck I see? And no not the Finless Freddy kind!
Damned trouble maker! Might have to try catfishing myself again!

29 pnts
Congrats, you earned it way to persevere, later J
Quit fishing, quit fishing, quit fishing!!!

It's not the fish you caught that worries me, it's that you can fish MORE than me. The law of averages says you'll post fish that beat mine.

Do you realize what you have done? Now I will need to fish more! This is horrible! The wife is giving me ultimatums as it is! (I'm gonna miss her)[Wink]
Good job, you are really good competition and you are making it very fun. It's good to see a "southerner" putting up a good fight! Good luck with the bigger ones.

Hey, I've tried and tried to quit fishin' but cataholicism is a brutal addiction that is not all that easy to quit... it's just a weakness I have and I've givin' up on trying to beat it.

That "law of averages" you mentioned....that's my favorite fishing buddy. I've been stuck on 22 - 25 inchers with an occasional 26 or 27 for the past month so it was good to average out with a 29 incher last Sat. Pending Yote's okay on my 29 incher I should be a 28, 29, and 30 now.... the logical extension of that would be 31, 32, and 33... it's possible.[Wink]

Certainly agree with you that the contest and competition is fun. All are worthy competitors and that's what makes it fun... that and the back-and-forth banter.

Best of luck to ya.... to a point....

The best is yet to come.

I'm afraid I'm a "catabolic" too! Is thee a support group for this sickness?
Doesn't look like I'll be getting much sleep tonight, I'm going to go feed my demons on the marsh with a bag of cut bait! Gotta pick up another point if possible.

Maybe we need to plan a fish-fry to help ease our "sufferings". If we brought a hoard of Citronella, might "enjoy" sitting in the shade somewhere. Maybe we can talk Jeff into letting us park it at his folks shoreline? I could actually motor my own for a change!

I've been having a Koke problem lately. But I'll take care of that tonight by having a big Smoke-Out!

So - if I read things right - all the southern cats have slimed YOUR boat BLK. Alas, though you stand in a solid second place, the South still trails the North by a few tails and whiskers. Where's the REST of your team inquiring minds wanna know?
Good luck to ya tonight...hope you pick up a bunch of points... well, sort of...

How's your water depths holdin' up up there? UL is dropping so fast I might be out of business before the end of Sept.Talk about going cold turkey... some of my favorite spots are mud flats now. ... I might have to go north (shudder!) and shoulder into one of your holes for my fix.

The only "cure" I know of for the cat addiction is called ice-up and it only lasts for 6 mos. or so. Brutal.

Best of luck to ya man. I hope you can best your 32 incher... well, sort of...

Thanks for the encouragement, but I didn't get to go after the kitties last night. I'm on the rich county search and rescue team and I had to spend my day, night, and this morning looking for a lost bow hunter up in the hills above Randolph. Maybe this week I can sneak in a trip. (He was found and is fine)

The water seams to be ok as far as depths and fluctuations go. With the recent storms it has been flowing into cutler reservoir pretty heavy the last week or two.

Good luck to ya on the moby dick hunt!
Wow, first bump since mid-August.... Got this 30 inch cat today along with a 28 inch carp. The big cats are starting to move.

The carp were everywhere today and I saw a couple that looked like they were over three feet long. Don't know what has them moving the way they are but, hey, I'll fling an arrow at 'em. Water temp today was 71 degrees... maybe that is what has the carp so active.

The 30 in. cat should bump my 28 incher.... feel anything creeping up on you gmwahl??

Yote, gmwahl.... you guys need to get out after 'em again. Hope you can get out again when you get back from Washington. I tell ya, the best is yet to come. Go get 'em! [cool][cool]

Ok, 28 on the carp, you got it. And that's a nice cat sir, another for the 30+ club! (about time, eh?)
That'll give you the #1 for carp sir.
And another fine cat you've gotten into!

30pnts, and 28 carp.
Uh oh! Well, it was fun while it lasted. At least I'm making you "work" for it, hehe! Good job!
Good job BLK you're a machine, man they keep getting smaller for me. Didn't break 20" last trip. Afraid I'm not going to move up much more unless I can figure out a secret I don't know yet. Guess I'll keep moving and see what I can find. Old spots are played out now days. Later J
Thanks skunked-- Maybe the secret is to keep moving until you find them or they can always move in to old holes too. I think their feeding habits change as the weather cools so ya never know where or when a big one might show up.

The UL cats are fat and sassy now-- every one I ketch has a big pot belly that I'm sure is full of baby white bass. The wb are everywhere now and the cats, walleyes, and adult wb are feeding on them. I've had good luck using a 4 in. wb with a double hook set up. Be glad to send a supply of wb up to you....[Wink]

Good luck to ya. The fun is in the chase and just getting out spending time on the water. Fun contest.

Thanks for the tips and bait offer, wish I could take you up on it, but I suspect it would be pretty illegal to use the WB on Cutler. I'm going to get my casting net out and see if I can find some carp lets. Probably Cutlers equivalent. I think I'm almost done farming for the year so maybe I can get out in the daytime for a change. The night time kitties up here have really shut down, been doing better once the sun gets up a bit. Got some family coming up this weekend that like to fish, so I think I'll get some time on the water hope I can at least give Yote a challenge for a position. I could find a 28"er its possible. Now 2 at 32" that's a little bit of a stretch. You and Mike are so far ahead its really impressive. Good luck and happy hunting the hogs. Later J
29.5 inch carp taken with a bow on 9-23-14.Utah Lake. Lots of big carp out and about today. Spent too much time playing around with the carp and not enough time hittin' the cats. Still, fun to shoot.
Alrighty then, bump the carp. Good slam on it there.

Filet that baby and fry it up! A little extra spice, close your eyes, you'll never know!
29.5 carp
Nice fish BLK that's a lot of kitty bait. Good job. J