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Full Version: Catfish Contest 2016 Catrat
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First time out today 4-12. Utah Lake, 23 inches and almost 25 but going for 24 1/2. Good day for fishing. Water temp was near 60 degrees. Caught about 15 cats.


[#00ff00]Very nice batch of cats, why only score two? Anyway 23 and 24.5 points... Posse' is on the way to the top... Nice job... J[/#00ff00]
That's a good looking bunch of cats. Nice work and thanks for posting. I really need to get back out there!

Did you catch anything besides channel cats?
Thanks Piscophilic. Just channel cats today. Couldn't get anything but the 22" clones to bite for the most part.
Caught two today that should help my score. Caught 6-27 at Lincoln Beach. One is 25 1/2 and the other 26 1/2.

[#00ff00]Good for 25.5 points and 26 points, doesn't cross the 1/2" line from what I can see.. Sorry, but nice fish and great bump up the charts... Later J [/#00ff00]
Had another good morning at Lincoln beach. 6-29. Caught this 26" cat on white bass.
Oops. It might help if I attached the picture. 6-29. Lincoln beach. White bass meat. 26".

[#00ff00]Nice job CatRat.... Good for 26 points.... J[/#00ff00]