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Full Version: 2017 Catfish Contest Ahi1953
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Good luck guys .
We got this Team North
Well you sort of had it stolen from you last year with a 33"er that foiled all your 30's, but I'm betting you'll be a tough competitor this year, best of luck... Later J
Yea, thought you had it last year. Got luck to ya.
Willard bay
19" catfish

not a 30 but its a start
Nice whiskers! Getting me fired up for some long summer nights of stanky bait at the Bay [Wink]
Willard bay

still no biggies but all bet first fish entered

[#00ff00]Sorry Ahi I didn't see these before, looks like you had the first fish on the board, that one was good for 19, but these 3 beat it, and I'm sorry but I can only give you 20.5, 20.5 and 20 points... But your new bump board looks great and I think it will help you get the full measures from hear on... Nice job I didn't expect north fish for some time... Thanks J[/#00ff00]
willard bay

[#008000]Nice job, but I think it's good for 23 as I see it... Glad someone from up north is catching a few... Later J[/#008000]
bird refuge bear river
29" catfish

[#00bf00]Wow heck of an early fish, way to go... 29 points and tied on big fish for the contest so far... nice job... J[/#00bf00]
bird refuge bear river
25 inch

[#00bf00]Man Ahi found the combination, nice almost 25.5, but just short so 25 points, thanks for carrying team north.... I still haven't been out.... Congrats on another nice fish...J[/#00bf00]
bird refuge bear river

[#00bf00]Oh man, wish I could round up, that is so freaking close to 28.5, but since this one will probably be a counter I better live with the letter of the contest and only give what the picture shows... So 28 points even though I struggled not being able to give you 28.5... Very nice fish, you are a master.... nice job... J[/#00bf00]
That's a nice cat. Sure looks like you should be able to stretch another 1/16 of an inch out of him. Oh well, you will probably bump him before too much longer anyway.

Good luck and keep 'em coming.


Sorry about the glare but that is my banner. I have it in a baggie didn't know it would reflect the light that much. your call

[#00bf00]Ahi, I can see your intent was good on the label and we have seen it in other pictures and I know this is your first year with the bump board, so I know it is this years fish... But you have got to get those glasses fixed, I see 28.5" not 27... Or else maybe I need to get mine fixed... Anyway good for 28.5 points... Now about poaching my fish out from under me..... I fish all year and don't find that big of fish, way to go... J[/#00bf00]
7 inch
smallest catfish entry. Not very small and picture not very good head is in shadow on bump board.

Hey guys don't forget to enter those little bait stealers. There's a cool traveling trophy for the smallest.

[#008000]Nice job good for 7 points and the lead for the traveling trophy... Later J[/#008000]
bird refuge bear river
29 in

[#00bf00]Wow pretty fish, nice job and 29 points....[/#00bf00]
bird refuge bear river
30 "

post two pictures hope you can read the numbers on one of them.

[#00bf00]Wow what a beauty, that's a nice fish... Hey it is hard to read, but I could count down from 36 and you are good for 30.5 points, but I think if the pictures were better you might have gotten close to 31 points on that one, but it's so hard to read I can't give you more than the 30.5..[/#00bf00]
Great looking fish. Has the water come down yet?
Nice fish.
No luck for me out there today, just a broken down boat.
[quote markfisher]Great looking fish. Has the water come down yet?[/quote]

yes it's lower and the current has slowed down.
small cat entry.
5 inch bull head cat
bear river

[#00bf00]Bad angle on the picture, if that was for a big fish I couldn't count it since I can't see its nose, but since this is for the small fish it might actually be smaller, so good for 5 points...[/#00bf00]
bear river bird refuge
30? looked 30 out in the field review picture it looks short your call Jeff.

[#00bf00]Wow what a beautifully ugly cat... Nice catch... On my scoring I line up the two 30" points with a straight line and try to make a point parallel with the mark on the tape... Both methods this fish shows about 1/16" short of 30 so all I can give you is 29.5 points and my respect for a true trophy fish... nice job Ahi.... J[/#00bf00]