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Full Version: 2017 Utah fishing challenge-BagABigOne
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Bear lake cutthroat 23"

Lake trout 21"

Finally on the board

[#00bf00]Nice job Rod, remember to put date caught, and body of water next time... Also I need to see both ends of the measuring device... I can't see the end of tape on the Mac, so I'm going to have to cut it to 20.5 and 23 for Cut... Nice job... Later J[/#00bf00]
Mantua - 6/4/2017

Rainbow trout - 16"

[#00bf00]Hey Rod, nice fish good for 16 points... [/#00bf00]
Willard bay 6/10/17
Wiper 21.5"
Walleye 19.5"

[#00bf00]Hey Rod I'm seeing 21 on the wiper and 19.5 on the eye... Nice catches... J[/#00bf00]