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Full Version: Island Park Reservoir .
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They are going to have a Tournament at Lake Side Lodge January 5 . For more information go to there web site . 40.00 for a two man team . Free lunch included in the entry .
Thank you for getting the word out!!! How has fishing been at Lakeside?
I have not been out this season yet . Been hunting elk and deer . My last tag closed yesterday. Time to fish now .
Ice Fishing Tournament Information
1. What kind of fish can you catch?
a. There are Brook, Kokanee, and Rainbow trout in the reservoir. You can catch any of these but its most likely Rainbow that you will catch.
2. Where can you fish?
a. You can fish anywhere on the Island Park Reservoir. You must leave from Lakeside at 8am. You do have to be back for final weigh in before 12:15pm.
3. How does the weigh in work?
a. Once you catch a fish that you want to keep for weigh in you have to bring it immediately up to the lodge and get it weighed in and tagged. We will keep track of the weigh ins for each team.
4. How many fish can our team weigh in?
a. Each person on your team is allowed 2 fish with a total of 4 fish for your team.
5. What is the Pole Limit?
a. Pole limit is 2 poles per person
6. What Lunch in included?
a. We are working on a set menu, but right now our Fish & Chips meal will be one of the lunches provided. We will post more information once we have a set menu.
7. What are the Prizes
a. There will be 2 prizes
i. 1st place for largest fish for overall weight
ii. 1st place for team with heaviest overall weight of all 4 fish.
This sounds like a lot of fun .