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Full Version: 2019 Catfish Contest - TinCansMate
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Sign me up on north team again please.
Thanks Jeff
Forest already got you entered... your number 3 on the list... Thanks for being back again this year... Hope you'll have fun... Later Jeff
Finally on the board with one.

Bear River Bird Refuge

6 APRIL 2019

25" Channel Cat

[#00bf00]Nice Fish, So close to the next mark, but I guess 25 points... Nice job... J[/#00bf00]
I know the angle of the camera makes the photo look like the Cats nose is hanging over the left edge of the board. But it really isn't. It is right at the edge of the board and the end of the measuring device. Took several photos with 2 different cameras and the measurement comes out the same on all of them.
yes Forest I was thinking you lost 1/2 inch there. But if you say its on the board You Oughta Know.

nice starter Tin Cans Mate
Congrats, Nance. That's a nice fish. Just the start I know. Try to help Forest a little though so he doesn't get too far behind [sly].
Hey, both on Team North. So any catch helps the team. I'll get something on the board eventually. October is a long ways off.........may even poach a big one from UL next month................[sly] [fishon]
Second one for the board. Tin Can caught his bump fish Friday and Saturday, today was my day. I waited till just before it started raining hard, walked down river a ways, cast in a chunk of cut carp, and in a very short time had a respectable Cat coming up on the mud bank. He was nice enough to get the Cat all set up on the board while I took the photos.

19 May 2019

Bear River Bird Refuge

25.5 inch Cat

Cut carp

[#00bf00]Nice job, good for 25.5 points... Looks like you two had a fun weekend... congrats... J[/#00bf00]
We fished American Fork area Friday hoping for some white bass for bait, nada. Only fish caught was my 3rd for the contest board.

25 inch
Utah Lake / American Fork
21 June 2019

Seem to be stuck in the 25 inch zone.........[:/] [Image: fish-on.gif]

[#00bf00]Good for 25 points... J[/#00bf00]
Utah Lake

4 August 2019

29 inch Cat on white bass

[#00bf00]Very nice good for 29 points...[/#00bf00]