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Full Version: 2019 catfish contest Catrat
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Good day today, May 11, at Lincoln. Fished with my g-pa (BLK) and caught nine to his four. We used mostly carp meat.

26 inches
26 1/2 inches
27 inches

[#00bf00]Nice job good for 26, 26.5 and 27 points... [/#00bf00]
Way to fill a bracket. I think we are tied now [Smile].
Way to go Catrat! Teach the old man how to fish.
Thanks. Glad to finally be on the board! [Smile]
Thanks. I would like to think I outfished him, but I think g-pa was taking pity on me cause I had not caught anything big enough to post this year. Now if I could just catch that 36 “er of his...
Fished with brother and g-Pa today. 28 inches, UL, July 4. Going again tomorrow so expect another bump.[Wink]

[#00bf00]Nice catch good for 28 points... [/#00bf00]
Utah Lake July 5 29 inches... almost 29 1/2. Two pictures of the same fish... metal bump board, blue with white numbering, is hard to read in the sun.

[#00bf00]Good for 29 points... [/#00bf00]
1 more.
July 5th
28.5 inches
Utah lake
White bass for bait.

[#00bf00]Great cats... good for 28.5 points and I guess I better get out fishing again since you just bumped me down... Later J[/#00bf00]
Wow, way to make a big move up the board! If those measurements hold, you just moved into a tie for 5th place! Nice!
Jig -- I was fishing with them -- Catrat and CatCarsen-- and both of them put the old man to shame. The best I could do was a couple of 27+ers. Gus was using a SC rig with a whole white bass for bait. He ran the hook/line through the gill slit, once through the belly and a single J hook out near the tail. The cats were coming up from behind to hammer the wb and he nailed almost every cat that chomped.

A good couple of days. I believe they are out again today so who knows? one of them might ever get another bump.

We are making our move in the south. Still got a long ways to go to challenge you and John but when we get a full contingent of southerners out we will start to put some heat on you northerners. Fun.

I love sound of that set-up. Big baits for big fish. The proof is in the pictures, you guys are making a great push. I am a practitioner of the big bait theory myself and know it works. Tell those young men to keep hammering them. There's got to be some 30+ coming soon, or in your case, that 36" is still waiting for you...

I just talked to a guy out at willard that had a nice Smokercraft that he was pulling family members around in. (We are out playing in the kayaks and paddleboards with the rest of Northern UT) and asked if he fishes out of it. He aid yes and that he loves the boat. He showed me a picture of a great cat he caught out here at Willard. He said it was over 10 lbs. It looked like it. I asked him if he measured it, but he said no. I asked if he was a BFT member, also a no. Too bad, we are short on northern members in the cat contest.

I keep hoping for the 33"+, but so far not yet...