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Full Version: 2019/2020 Utah ice fishing challenge
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Caught at Utah Lake State Park.


Perch - 8.5"

White bass - 11"


Yellow perch - 8.5

White bass - 11

Caught at UL 12/4/19

Crappie 10"

Close but not quite 10"

Black crappie - 9.5

Went fishing at UL state park on Christmas morning and caught some crappies. Got a bump in the contest. There was 1/2" of ice and 1" of slush snow on top. Merry Christmas everyone!!

Black Crappie 10.5 "

Black crappie - 10.5
Got some more crappies this afternoon and a bluegill from UL.

Bluegill 7.5"

[#ff0000]Bluegill - 7.5[/#ff0000]
Went over to Pelican Bay this morning. The ice is about 2 inch (clear ice). Caught some white bass and was able to bump up my score.

White bass 11.5" really close to 12"

That's great! Thanks for the update on conditions.

White bass - 11.5


Rainbow trout 16"

Forgot my tag and had to use Craig.

[#ff0000]That works. Nice 'bow![/#ff0000]
[#ff0000]Rainbow trout - 16[/#ff0000]