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Full Version: 2019-2020 Utah Ice Fishing Challenge T-Boz
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Rainbow trout 17.5”
Yellow Perch 9”


Rainbow trout - 17.5
Yellow perch - 9


Rainbow 18.5”
Perch 10”

[#ff0000]Rainbow trout - 18.5[/#ff0000]
[#ff0000]Yellow perch - 10[/#ff0000]
Rule 7

Small mouth Bass 13.5”

[#ff0000]Nice! Good for 14"[/#ff0000]
[#ff0000]Smallmouth bass - 14[/#ff0000]
Very nice smallie… Congrats Jeff
Thank you!! Thought I was pulling up a record perch at first! My first bass through the ice ever and he was 1 of 3!!
Congrats that looks like a great day!!! I’ve never outsmarted a smaller through the ice, we’ll done. Later Jeff
Good looking bunch o fish there. Congrats on getting your first bass