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Full Version: my son's buggin me for Crappie
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My son has been hounding me to take him to target crappie.  I am not an expert on this species and have only had luck with them ice fishing at Pineview.  We will be fishing from a canoe and hoping to fish within an hour or so from Salt Lake.  Any guidance would be appreciated.
Pineview would still be you best bet. Watch for a little more warm weather then hit the shallow reeds.
Thanks! What tackle/bait do you fine most effective for crappie?
I used to always just fish a curly tail jig under a bobber for crappie... Yellow, white or purple or black have all caught fish for me in the past... Lately I've started using flies and stripping them back to me... Hard part will be finding the crappie in the depth range that you can get your fly to travel through... Spring is a great time to catch crappie, the fish are very willing... The hard part is finding where the fish are at... If you can find them, you'll most likely catch fish... Good luck.. Jeff
Keep your eyes peeled while on Pineview. The power squadron doesn't have much respect for small boats (canoes, tubes, yaks, or even 14 foot aluminum boats.