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Full Version: Example of Attached only Pictures!
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[font "Tempus Sans ITC"][#808000][size 4]Here is an example of what a post with attached only pictures will look like. You will notice if you open the attachements they will be larger pictures and have a higher amount of detail. [/size][/#808000][/font]
[font "Tempus Sans ITC"][#808000][size 4][/size][/#808000][/font]
[#808000][font "Tempus Sans ITC"][size 4]I will use the same photos in an "Inline" picture post below so you can compare the two options. Hopefully this will help you decide which type of picture posting you would prefer.[/size][/font]
[font "Tempus Sans ITC"][size 4][/size][/font]
[font "Tempus Sans ITC"][size 4]Wyobraz[/size][/font]