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Full Version: $50 5 Trout over 20" Contest
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[#800080][size 4]5 Trout Over 20" Contest[/size][/#800080]
[#800080][size 2]First person to catch and post five different trout species with each fish over 20" wins $50 donated by Hookngrinin. Anyone entered in this years Ice Fishing Challenge is eligable to win.[/size][/#800080] [font "Verdana"][size 1]All fish must meet the this years Ice Fishing Challenge rules.[/size][/font]

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[#000000][size 2]If you are not signed up for this years Ice Fishing Challenge now is the time to enter.[/size][/#000000]
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can you make a list of the fish that will count for this like lake trout is not really a trout and how about splake science it is a high bread of a lake trout
Great question. Here is a list and if anyone has one I missed please feel free to post it.

Cutthroat Trout
Rainbow Trout
Lake Trout
Brook Trout
Brown Trout
Tiger Trout
Splake Trout
kokanee??? We are in Utah and they consider it a trout. Plus a 20" koke through the ice would be a great accomplishment.
Just a thought, even though I am not in the contest.