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Full Version: 2012-2013 Ice Fishing Contest: Ahi1953
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Pineview 1-6-2013
yellow perch 9 in

[#BF0000]Nice one. Chunk of a start
Jensen Nature Park 1/13/2013
rainbow trout 14 in

[#BF0000]looks good
Mantua 1/23/2013
Rainbow Trout (up grade) 15"

had a hard time getting fish to pose. couldn't get the whole banner

wiggly wascals!

15 pts[/#BF0000]
Mantua 1/25/2013
Blue Gill 8"

[#BF0000]8 pts[/#BF0000]
Pineview 2/11/2013
black crappie 9 1/2 in

that's pan number 3

[#BF0000]9.5 that'll work[/#BF0000]
Bountiful Lake 2-13-2013
green sunfish 6 1/4 in

he shrunk . looked like 6 1/2 when i snapped the picture, guess I better take my glasses next time [Image: bobwink.gif]

[#bf0000]6.5 we'll give it to ya[/#bf0000]
[#bf0000]Sorry - correction, can't give it to ya. Bluegill and Sunfish are in the same category, and since your Gill is bigger, we'll stick with that. Sorry.[/#bf0000]
Well looking like the end of ice. at least around where I fish . auger is put up, float tube is ready now just waiting for more open water.
Congratulations to the winners. Had lots of fun taking part in the contest. even though I didn't even get my 8 fish . loved seeing the picture of some of the monsters that were caught. For those of you that can still find ice be safe.
Ya it was a fun season for sure but I'm more excited for ice off and be able to float tube in more lakes with my fly rod [angelic]