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Fremont Lake - killerhook - 01-24-2017

Any advise on how to fish fremont thru the ice. Plan to give it a whirl this weekend and have never fished it before.

Re: [killerhook] Fremont Lake - muddyrudder - 01-26-2017

I hear the locals calling it the dead sea.....

Good luck! They have a big tournament on it each year and a big fish wins usually in the 25lb range. One of those crappy tournaments that kill all the big lakers. Short term thinking that will make a lake crappy quickly for big lakers.

Re: [muddyrudder] Fremont Lake - killerhook - 02-04-2017

well I went to Fremont and stayed at Lakeside Resort. I fished the area around the resort for 2 days and had good weather. The fishing was poor around the resort, it is critical to have a snow machine for this lake as there are no plowed in access except on the very south end. The only fish I did catch were Macs, did not seem to be a lot of other trout in the lake. This access problem seems to be the case for most lakes in the Wind River Mtns. I will have a snow machine next time.

Re: [killerhook] Fremont Lake - SundayMoney - 04-22-2019

Sorry for digging up a old post, but I've had probably as fair of luck for Lakers down by the resort as I have on the rest of the lake. If you want to get the other trout you've gotta go pretty far up it.