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gorge - Littlebuck3333 - 01-28-2017

How are ice conditions around anvil,can a machine be operated safely in the anvil area thanks for any info wanted to get on at marina and head to point west of ranch house been a few years since I been thre but used to catch pups off the point west of ranch thanks for any info

Re: [Littlebuck3333] gorge - fairweatherman - 01-31-2017

I was there last weekend 7 inches of hard clear ice I rode my 4 wheeler everywhere just watch out for the pressure ridges

Re: [fairweatherman] gorge - Littlebuck3333 - 01-31-2017

Thanks much no snow on the ice

Re: [Littlebuck3333] gorge - fairweatherman - 02-01-2017

two inches maybe!!

Re: [fairweatherman] gorge - Flyfishinglover - 02-12-2017

Any word of how the ice is at Manila by a chance?

Re: [Flyfishinglover] gorge - RonPaulFan - 02-12-2017

Re: [RonPaulFan] gorge - daffy - 02-13-2017

That says it all I guess