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ICE on? - killerhook - 12-04-2017

Any fishable ice in sw wyoming yet?

Re: [killerhook] ICE on? - Cowboy_43 - 12-05-2017

Haven’t heard anything yet. Been a rough start to the ice fishing season.

Re: [killerhook] ICE on? - one8sevenn - 12-12-2017

Viva may be frozen, but I doubt it is safe yet in most areas. Fontenelle has a thin layer across most of the lake, but there are open areas with diver ducks and swans still.

The temps have been really warm for this time of year. Highs in the 40's.

If you are willing to venture, I would bet that Middle Piney lake is frozen over and with the lack of snow you should be able to still get up there.

Re: [one8sevenn] ICE on? - one8sevenn - 12-27-2017

Reports are starting to trickle in from on the hard top.

Firehole and the Dam at Fontenelle have fishable ice.

Re: [one8sevenn] ICE on? - wiperhunter2 - 12-29-2017

Awesome, thanks for the info.

Re: [killerhook] ICE on? - pinks - 12-30-2017

There is 9" at the Firehole boat ramp on the Gorge. Very good ice with snow on top. Fisherman were on the ice south of the swim beach at Firehole, don't know the ice thickness. Sage Creek was completely frozen and there was ice downstream of there, again don't know the thickness. Be safe and stay on top!

Re: [killerhook] ICE on? - icemonkey - 12-31-2017

Has the ice made it to or past the confluence yet?

Re: [icemonkey] ICE on? - roynut - 01-03-2018

That's what I'm waiting for too, or even down to Lost Dog. I hope someone can tell us how it looks.

Re: [roynut] ICE on? - icemonkey - 01-03-2018

Iam headed up this friday to find out

Re: [icemonkey] ICE on? - icemonkey - 01-11-2018

sorry for the late report. the ice off road 11 was 5in clear with open water over 1000 yards south of us it just gets thicker the father north you get. fishing was good for rainbows cuts pups and a few burbot.