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2019 Catfish Contest Josh.Gaardvark - gaardvark - 04-06-2019

Went fishing tonight, didn't catch anything great, a ~14 inch channel cat not worth measuring, and a couple of small bullhead catfish. This was the smallest one I got measured, but lost another, smaller one when I was getting a bucket to put it in until I could measure it. It looks like it just topped the 4.5 mark.

Black Bullhead
Cutler Marsh

[#00bf00]Josh, I'm seeing right at 4.5" and that's what I'll score it at... Will be a tough mark to beat on the small contest... Nice catch... J[/#00bf00]

Re: [gaardvark] 2019 Catfish Contest Josh.Gaardvark - catchinon - 04-06-2019

Josh, that fish right there might win the smallest fish part of the contest. Way to go!

Re: [gaardvark] 2019 Catfish Contest Josh.Gaardvark - Josh.Gaardvark - 05-06-2019

Fished the Flotilla on 5/4/19. Got several fish, but being out of southern waters, only one for scoring. It measured 25.5, but the photos only show just over 25. The nose of the fish and dark green cooler appear to be hiding the front end of the tape. It was against the cooler to make sure they were even.

Channel Cat
Utah Lake
Caught on carp

[#00bf00]Nice job Josh, got you for 25 points....[/#00bf00]