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2019/2020 Ice Challenge - 2knots - 2knots - 03-01-2020

21" cutt
[Image: 6739-F349-53-B4-4324-A5-E3-3-CF0-B3-EE8-D71.jpg]

Flamming Gorge
Kokanee 16"
[Image: EAF42-B8-E-E697-41-FF-9-FC6-71-D2-D9-BA7828.jpg]

RE: 2019/2020 Ice Challenge - 2knots - hookngrinin - 03-05-2020

2knots - I'm not sure the method you used to post these pics. I'm still learning. Would you please try reposting these photos by selecting "New Reply" at the top right and then scroll down to the "Attachments" block, hit browse and find your photos to attach. I can't read the measurements in the current format. I believe you and included these in the current standings but I would like to be able to verify. Thanks Ron