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[split] 2020 Catfish Contest Placard - TubeDude - 03-11-2020

(03-11-2020, 08:27 PM)SkunkedAgain Wrote: Hey Lynn, I got the boys added and they are ready to catch fish....  Well if I could get a placard up... Pat, can you post your placard so folks can get a copy of it to use for their posts?  My systems have too much protective software that don't allow me to do anything I need to do for this contest... I have to send stuff to my phone and hope the phone will work to post it... Not the most effective system at this point, but hopefully I get things figured out so I can do what needs to be done... Glad I had a little more time to figure things out before you guys started posting tons of fish... Thanks all... Jeff
Here it is in two different sizes.  If you want to make a whole page you may have to enlarge it.  I also make 2-up on a page for smaller placards on my tube...with shorter distances. [Image: 2020-CATFISH.jpg] [Image: 2020-CATS.jpg]