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Strawberry Saturday - liketrolling - 09-04-2022

took my grandson he is a school teacher so can only fish  on Sat.
not many fishing boats for a labor day holiday
Not a lot of boats by me know why did not see a lot of fish on the fish finder.  
The kokanee we got were not bright red yet.

stopped fishing at 11.AM  It was not much fun trying to load the boat lots and lots of power sky boats putting in,

forgot to look to see if any kokanee were running up the stream.

RE: Strawberry Saturday - wiperhunter2 - 09-04-2022

Sounds like another tough day at The Berry, did you catch many kokes?

RE: Strawberry Saturday - chubby chaser - 09-06-2022

Too bad there isn’t a way to designate strawberry as a fishing only lake. I figured it would be like fishing in Walmart’s parking lot this weekend and stayed away.

RE: Strawberry Saturday - richyd4u - 09-07-2022

Yeah, we fished there Monday on Labor Day, and I had never seen so many power squadron boats on that lake in my life! Growing up you'd never see anything but fishing boats on that lake...boy times have changed. Another weird thing is we caught 99% bows, which is usually the opposite with the cutts. I'm hoping the weather cools quickly by mid Oct when I go back there so the cutts are more cooperative and the power squadrons are off the lake! took us 2 hrs to get down the canyon to Heber...stop go traffic the whole way down, crazy.