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Green River Thanksgiving weekend. - Backyard Boy T.V. - 11-30-2022

Over Thanksgiving break, on a family trip, I had the opportunity to fish the Green three days of the trip and I'd liked to report on it. First of all, if you want to catch a load of 16" browns and a few thick bows, then you got to go to the green. And although I'm pretty sure the green is God all year long, this tone of year is definitely my favorite to fish it. The browns are colored up, right next to shore, and crazy aggressive! 

The method that killed it for me was a medium action rod with ten pounds line and a white jerkbait about 2.5" in length. With that setup, I caught more fish than anyone around me to my knowledge. Pretty much anywhere you look there was a nice trout. Next step was to pop the jerkbait in front of it and it would charge over a grab it. Almost every time.

So in conclusion, If you are looking for beautiful, healthy trout, the green is the place to go! I have a video link below if anyone interested! And although this open water did is fun. I'm also really looking forward to ice fishing!

RE: Green River Thanksgiving weekend. - doitall5000 - 11-30-2022

Fantastic video such a beautiful place. Brought back great memories..

RE: Green River Thanksgiving weekend. - fishskibum - 12-07-2022

while i dont have the patience nor time to watch 17 minutes of spew tube
the parts i browsed made me home waters Smile
while it probably aint gonna do much for your catching
i hopes st nick brings ya a whippy stick and some flies for xmass
cause speakin from experience
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