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New Moderator - petty4life - 01-27-2007

Well its about time we got BrianID on board to moderate this place. he will do a fine job, ive been trying to get him to do it since i was the mod here.

Re: [petty4life] New Moderator - JoyRide - 01-27-2007

Thanks BrianID. With your help I'm sure our little part of the Internet will keep growing and getting better.

Re: [petty4life] New Moderator - Bigcat - 01-28-2007

great choice! Brian-thanks for being willing!

Re: [Bigcat] New Moderator - RILEYFISH - 01-28-2007

Your the man Brian. Congrats

Re: [petty4life] New Moderator - bdn06 - 01-28-2007

Woot! Glad BrianID accepted-great choice [cool]

Re: [petty4life] New Moderator - tubeN2 - 01-28-2007

I would also like to congratualate Brian as a member of the Mod Squad.

Thanks for all you have done here and way to go Brian..............Brian.?...........................Brian????

Must be out fishing. Way too kool.[cool]

Fyi....For those whom are wondering.

1. Mods are not Gods.

2. When the fish are on, Mods do fish.

3. When the other posting members are as good as you guys are, it makes the Mods job easier and he gets to spend more time fishing.[Wink]

Re: [petty4life] New Moderator - fish1on - 01-29-2007

Welcome aboard Brian and thank you for doing this.

There have been some comments that our moderator should at least live in Idaho, as well as be an avid outdoorsman. You fit both the bills and we all appreciate the hard work you have put into this site.

Re: [petty4life] New Moderator - idahopanfish - 01-29-2007

Thanks Brian!!

Re: [petty4life] New Moderator - BrianID - 01-29-2007

Good to hear no one wants to run me out of town yet. Hopefully with a second moderator we will be able to reduce some of the "none fishing" talk that has been taking place. If any of you see a post that shouldn't be there let me or fish1on know. I'm also open to any ideas to improve the board.

Re: [BrianID] New Moderator - tubeN2 - 01-29-2007

Hey Brian. Welcome to the Mod Squad. If indeed you get too much chit chat that is not relalted to fishing, you can request an "off topic" board. The admins are always happy to add an extra board. Us other Mods can give you a hand in using the extra tools as well.[cool]

Re: [tubeN2] New Moderator - fish1on - 01-29-2007

We already have an "off topic" board. The issue he was reffering to was a post that turned UGLY and I was off line fishing!

Re: [fish1on] New Moderator - petty4life - 01-29-2007

We already have an "off topic" board. The issue he was reffering to was a post that turned UGLY and I was off line fishing! [/reply]

well then,


Re: [petty4life] New Moderator - fish1on - 01-30-2007

Man, after re reading my last reply it does sound kinda rude. Sorry for that, it wasn't intended. Off topic boards are a great tool but even that will not keep the battles at bay. Teamwork and respect for our fellow fisherfolks is what it takes.

Re: [BrianID] New Moderator - lunkerhunter2 - 01-30-2007


Re: [BrianID] New Moderator - bdn06 - 01-30-2007

The easiest way for you to make this board better would be to pm me all of your favorite fishing holes, complete with directions. After all, I did vote for you...[tongue]

Seriously, it would hard to improve this site--it pretty much rocks [cool]

Re: [fish1on] New Moderator - tubeN2 - 01-30-2007

Perhaps a fish lips board would do then. After they are done with all the uglies, they can go to the fishlips board, kiss and make up.[cool]

Re: [BrianID] New Moderator - wiperhunter2 - 01-31-2007

[size 1][black][size 2]Congratulations Brian, you'll make a great moderator, thanks for taking on the job.[/size][/black][/size]

Re: [petty4life] New Moderator - flygoddess - 02-01-2007

[font "Comic Sans MS"][black][size 3]I just wanted to jump in (being an Idaho Girl) and say [#ff0000][size 4]WELCOME BRIAN![/size][/#ff0000][#ff0000] [/#ff0000] BFT will spoil you![cool][/size][/black][/font]

Re: [BrianID] New Moderator - acey - 02-19-2007

Brian- I admire your knowledge about fishing and have enjoyed our several outings together. I congratulate you on being the moderator now. Remember several years ago you stuck around at Deep Creek and helped me get my stuck truck out of the snow and ice? Thanks again. You will do great. Acey

Re: [Biglew] New Moderator - fish1on - 02-27-2007

As a user, you can delete your own posts/replies. No biggy using this thread to test with, just go back to it when everything looks good for ya and delete.