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Oneida - flyguy66 - 01-30-2007

Anyone have info. on walleye fishing at Oneida reservoir? I have friends that did quite well ice fishing there years ago, just curious if anyone has checked it out recently.....

Re: [flyguy66] Oneida - BMURR - 01-30-2007

I have ice fished it, and I have caught walleye, but its very spotty. Every time I ice fish it I mark a lot of fish on my marcum. They swim right up to my jig and never touch it. I'm not sure if its carp, smallies, or walleye, but its pretty frustrating. I'm not opposed to giving it another try if you want to meet me up there some time. I know that there are some nice eyes in that reservoir.


Re: [BMURR] Oneida - flyguy66 - 01-31-2007

Thanks for the info. I've never fished for Walleye but have done some research and am up for a challenge. Which direction is best to approach the reservoir in the winter and what section of the it have you caught fish on?

Re: [flyguy66] Oneida - JoyRide - 02-01-2007

My record at Oneida is pretty dismal. I keep going back two or three times in the summer but haven't ice fished it until Tuesday when I fished for about two hours. I ALWAYS mark lots of fish but don't get much to show for it. If anyone wants to give it a try I wouldn't mind joining in.

Tuesday there hadn't been much fishing activity on the ice if any. I didn't see any old holes or sled tracks. Just tracks from one four wheeler. The experience should be nice and quiet. Next time I head over there I think I'll bring a soft water pole and fish the river after the Ice.

Re: [JoyRide] Oneida - catchandrelease - 02-01-2007

Is the road up the canyon open now? I heard they were going to close it for the winter to do some repairs on it. I hope it is because I want to fish that river really bad.


Re: [JoyRide] Oneida - flyguy66 - 02-01-2007

Thanks for the report. Do you target Walleye at Oneida? If so, what do you use for lures/bait?

Re: [catchandrelease] Oneida - BrianID - 02-01-2007


You can access the reservoir by either the north end of the South end during the winter. From my experience the mid section of the road that parallels the reservoir is not maintained during the winter. I wouldn’t be the guy to ask about walleye lures at Onieda but I’m sure any of the popular walleye lures should work. You can use five poles while ice fishing so try a little of everything. I would use minnows, nightcrawlers and cut baits from perch attached to various jigs if I were to try to catch walleye at Onieda. JoyRide, BMURR or someone else might be able to give you some good ideas of what to try. Good luck if you give it a try.

[font "Times New Roman"][size 3]C&R,[/size][/font]

I would be surprised if you could not access the reservoir from the Narrows road between Riverside and the dam. The road is normally not in very good shape at this time of the year but I don't think they would completely close it down. BMURR would have good up to date information about construction on that road.

Re: [BrianID] Oneida - JoyRide - 02-02-2007

I took the Maple Grove road from up at the road closure pole on the Preston side of Immigration down to the Hot Springs. It's not maintained but in pretty good shape. I then took the road along the Res. that is also not maintained. It is much better than during the muddy season as the pot holes and ruts are all filled in with snow. The road on down the Narrows is in excellent shape. The river sure looked good.

Re: [flyguy66] Oneida - BMURR - 02-02-2007

I typically fish down by the dam of of the rock point in the winter. I have caught fish about a half a mile past maple grove of of the point. The road up to the plant is decent, but the road from the plant up to the highway going to grace is not maintained. Passable but not maintained. As far as jigs/bait, i'm still trying to find that out.