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CJ Strike, Cove Arm - idahopanfish - 02-06-2007

Has anyone this week been to Cove Arm or could you go and see how much if any ice there is in the lake or on the river there?


Re: [Kodiak] CJ Strike, Cove Arm - idahopanfish - 02-07-2007

Thanks Kodiak. I am hoping to get there Saturday and maybe even try the pontoon.

Re: [idahopanfish] CJ Strike, Cove Arm - bdn06 - 02-08-2007

I fished CJ Strike on Sunday--off the dam and the outlet. No ice visible anywhere from the dam. No fish either, lol. Caught one small rainbow off the dam near midnight on a plastic bait on a RR jighead. Hooked a couple of ginormous carp on the outlet, but that's it. I didn't see anyone pick anything up all day. It would indeed be nice to be off the face of the dam in a tube with sonar...

Re: [Kodiak] CJ Strike, Cove Arm - idahopanfish - 02-09-2007

Thanks Kodiak, sorry about the skunk. I hope to be up there Sat. whether from the bank or the pontoon. Hope to meet you and your wife.

Re: [idahopanfish] CJ Strike, Cove Arm - idahopanfish - 02-10-2007

Well a few of us are heading to Cove Arm today. Praying for some fis'es to be enticed by our offering. Jigs and crawlers and other assorted baits. We are going to brave the cool waters with float tubes and pontoons. Hope you all are fishin well and the lines are tight.

Re: [idahopanfish] CJ Strike, Cove Arm - idahopanfish - 02-11-2007

Well just got back from CJ Strike/Cove Arm. 4 of us went 2 toons and 2 tubes. 1 fly rod and 3 with various jigs. No bites till about 4 and that was when I went to a drop shot with only a piece of worm on a red hook. Caught 2 crappie and 1 12" bass. One other of our party had a hit.

There were 3 boats and about 6 bank fishermen all day. Nothing was real fast and only slightly picked up around 4. We left at 5. Forgot my fish finder so don't know the water temp, but my feet got a little chilled but not cold so maybe around 40 deg.

I had to let my wife use the camera for her womens retreat so I will need to get the pics from one of the guys and post them latter. Guess we need another camera.

Had a GREAT DAY thankyou LORD.

Re: [idahopanfish] CJ Strike, Cove Arm - bdn06 - 02-13-2007

Glad you caught something up there. I am pretty certain that there are some carp rising along the bank. I thought they were trout at first, but after hooking some large carp below the outlet, I noticed the fish rising in the same fashion in the slack water down there were carp. I am still convinced, though, that in a tube/toon equipped with sonar, on the face of the dam and over towards the cable, one could do well.

The cool thing I did see while up there was several hundred geese on the water right in front of me got up all at once toward evening. It was like a loud symphony, and was very cool. Reminded me of film of some outdoor show...peaceful up there, too.

Re: [bdn06] CJ Strike, Cove Arm - idahopanfish - 02-13-2007

Yes I hope to explore more of that area up there this season. I heard the perch were biting in the spillway.