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Hello is anyone out there fishing? - windriver - 02-14-2007

I really only want to provoke thought and maybe a discussion. I know that this may cause controversy and it is not meant to cause problems so take it for what it is worth.

I saw between 50 and 100 people on the ice at Ririe Sat. I heard from a reliable source that there were near 100 on Mud Lake on Sat. There have been 134 views of my last post on Ririe. How many of those people who took a look at my post do you think were at Ririe or Mud Lake last Weekend?

I think we are a little gunshy on this forum. People are being very causious as to what they say for fear someone will ambush them. I do not think that a person should report every good hole that they have but what is wrong with sharing tactics, strategies, depth hints etc...Even just a good fishing story.

I feel bad because I have met some very good friends on this board, but lately it just feels like it is going to crap.

I am not talking to the few of you who post regulary, send good PMs and really provide good pictures (i.e. Brian ID) and stories (i.e. Ovidcreek). I guess I am calling out those of you who "steal" info from the community without giving back. I guess I kind of feel like if you hide in the shadows (which is ok this is an open forum) you are kind of participating in a type of intellectual theft. Is that too harsh?

I have probably offended just about everyone by now, but I hope this prompts a civil discussion on lurkers. If you are out there come get to know us we are a friendly bunch.

Thanks for all the help and info many of have provided over the years.

OK now lets here what you have to say.


Re: [windriver] Hello is anyone out there fishing? - EagleEyes - 02-14-2007

Given that there have been a couple of specific threads that turned out to be "notorious" of late on BFT, in that some specific regular posters were publicly assassinated, I can understand the view of the leery readers. Forums are an interesting format. I have participated in many over the years. I have even set up and moderated a few of my own. I will speak from my experience in responding here. On the forums I have set up and moderated over time, I can draw some conclusions. They are:
[ul][li]When they are first set up it is exciting to join and see who else joins. You build some on-line friends!
[/li][li]Topics receive random success. Keep your post title general and you may have a good healthy discussion going.[/li][li]It is my take that forums that I have set up are successful as long as the posters are mostly from out of the area. Even out of state, usually.
[/li][li]I never had significant success with posters who were buddies or were from right in my own backyard so to speak.[/li][li]It seems that fishing reports are always of interest to the reader, but, that's about it.[/li][li]I have learned to never expect others to share much about local fishing waters. On BFT, there are a few exceptions to this rule! However, there is a lot more knowledge that is tucked away that for some reason us fishers think need to be kept close to the source for fear that tomorrow we will wake up and all the fish in the local lake or stream have disappeared. The honey hole, super fly or super lure, or the golden technique has been discovered by all and fishing forever is gone. Sad, but, true.
[/li][/ul]Personally, Wind River, I think that most of todays fishers take the whole scene just way too serious. I used to be an avid stillwater fly fisher and fly tyer. The key there is used to be! It's my opinion, and my opinion only, that the media, manufacturers, dealers, shops, etc. have made fishing way more than it needs to be. I realized that I missed something along the way. It is fun to toss a worm now and then. It's fun to cast a Rapala to a brown hugging the bank, or just sitting on shore watching the grandkid's bobber dancing in the drift. I appreciate your thoughts and hope I have not wandered to far off topic with my response. I just hope that I can find a way to share more of my fishing fun with others I come in contact with either through my blog site or on the water. Fishing should be fun and a special time for the angler and the fish. It is just not rocket science or meant too be "classified" information. You can bet when it is my time to go up around the bend in life, I will not carry the load of a vest full of fishing secrets.

Re: [windriver] Hello is anyone out there fishing? - ReelLady - 02-14-2007

I agree with Eagle...I haven't fished much this winter, but expect to be more active as the weather gets warmer. I've read this forum for a couple of years, but have only just officially signed up a couple of weeks ago. I promise I will post when I have something worth telling about. In the meantime, I enjoy reading about other people's attempts and successes. A bad day fishing is better than any good day at work...until I can get out, I live vicariously through the rest of you. [sly] In the meantime, I will attach an old photo of when Henry's Lake was good to me.

Re: [windriver] Hello is anyone out there fishing? - fish1on - 02-14-2007


You bring up some interesting views............ this is my take on things:

First off, this board is still fairly new as compared to say the Utah board. It does take time and a member dedication to get it in full swing. We have lot's of lurkers and that is fine. When they are ready they can join in. I would hope that we all can share a trip and some info from time to time but this is a forum that allows others to stay behind the scenes if they wish. I seriosly doubt that BFT forums are the main cause of "hot spotting" a body of water. The local papers, sporting outlets, word of mouth, tackle shops, news, etc also contribute to that.

This time of year posts are primarily ice fishing related and to be honest, I think that there are less that hit the hard deck then the open stuff. I know that I am out far less than I am in the spring and fall. Even when I do go, I tend to have slower days (mostly LOL) than I would in open water conditions. With that being said, posts may decline based on how the fishing is and how much one gets out.

As for people getting verbally abused...well that job belongs to Brian and myself ultimately but all members need to learn to be polite and respectfull to one another. We all do not have to agree on everything but we all are capable to agree to disagree. This is an open forum and as we grow there will be many bridges to cross but the true will survive and take this board for what it is worth. A fun place to showboat a trip, share a thought, meet up with a new fishing buddy, you name it the oportunities are endless. I new very little about freshwater fishing and have learned much from people on BFT. I still need more training but I am trying and looking for the next teacher of the great sport.

Hang in ther BFT Idaho, this is our board and we decide its faith!

Re: [ReelLady] Hello is anyone out there fishing? - JoyRide - 02-14-2007

Welcome to the forum ReelLady. It's very good to see more posters on the Idaho board!

Good topic for a little discussion. I don't have much to add after the good posts above. I have been guilty of not posting much this winter. I fish every bit as much on the hard deck as soft water. I just haven't had any exceptionally good fishing adventures and didn't want to bore anyone with a tale of "I was there when the guy across the ice caught a big one". However I have also been guilty of not posting info on the open board on smaller bodies of water. In this case I usually use PM's. This could be the case with a lot of us?



Re: [fish1on] Hello is anyone out there fishing? - flygoddess - 02-14-2007

[#008000][size 3]I agree with fish1on, that media is to blame also. Now the BIG WATERS that can take the pressure I see no problem with HOT SPOTTING, but there are some smaller spots that I think should be kept to PM's.[/size][/#008000]
[#008000][size 3]I also think media picks up on the buzz from the fishing masses.[/size][/#008000]
[#008000][size 3]I use to subscribe to a magazine called Rocky Mountain Fishing and Hunting News that is terrible for this. Two of the smaller bodies of water I love to fish there in Idaho were not only Hot Spotted in this magazine, but MAPS , what to use and places to fish them were posted.[/size][/#008000]
[#008000][size 3]I know that is because of the BUZZ. Writers go into fly fishing stores and ask what is hot. I know this cause they were checking with us at Orvis in Salt Lake all the time as well with Sportsmen's Warehouse.[/size][/#008000]
[#008000][size 3]The late Great Doug Miller was guilty of this as well.[/size][/#008000]
[#008000][size 3]Recently, a picture was posted of a fisherman holding a VERY LARGE brown, and the place where he caught it (a very small Res.)[/size][/#008000]
[#008000][size 3]The results have been devastating![/size][/#008000]
[#008000][size 3]Personally, in recap, I think we need to be a little more tight lipped about these smaller waters.[/size][/#008000]
[#008000][size 3]This is my opinion.[/size][/#008000]
[#008000][size 3]Fly Goddess[/size][/#008000]

Re: [windriver] Hello is anyone out there fishing? - BrianID - 02-14-2007

I would also like to see more of the lurkers sign up a username and start posting. The lurkers are the ones loosing out more than we are though. The best information is sent through PM's (Personal Messages). Those of us with usernames and have been posting a while already know this but the lurkers have been left in the dark.

There are a number of reasons some people hesitate to sign up. Some don't think they have anything worth while to post. Even reports of slow days are helpful. Passing along information like ice conditions, water clarity and other stuff can be very helpful. As windriver mentioned "even a good fishing story" is a worth while contribution.

There are also a lot of people who don't want to "hot spot" there favorite place. I doubt lurkers on this board are responsible for more than 10% of the ice fishing pressure at Ririe this winter. Once you sign up a username no one expects reports and exact GPS coordinates every time you go fishing. I would agree that there are many places that should not be reported about Most of the fishing trips I make are not reported on the open board at BFT. However, I will share many of these reports with registered users through PM's. A good example is of a fishing trip I made last Saturday. Here are a couple pictures from Saturday.

[Image: gforum.cgi?do=post_attachment;postatt_id=21756;]
This is one of three rainbows that I “bonked” Saturday.

[Image: gforum.cgi?do=post_attachment;postatt_id=21755;]
This is one of the great looking browns I caught Saturday.

I don't agree that BFT Idaho has become worse lately. For a while there was a bad mood with some of the personal attacks that took place. Those personal attacks are the reason I decided to become a moderator. I want to prevent things like that from happening again. I won't tolerate those type of posts or those who make those types of posts in the future. No matter where you go, you will run into someone that is going to be not be so easy to get along with. Hopefully, fish1on and I will be able to minimize that type of stuff in the future.

Hopefully some of the lurkers who read this will register a username and introduce themselve’s.


Welcome to BFT.

Re: [windriver] Hello is anyone out there fishing? - OvidCreek - 02-14-2007

This is a great topic, and no offense is taken. I have wondered this myself the last few weeks when I will see a few replys, but several views. I would love to hear other fishers opinions on heavy used waters, and I consider all opinions with validity. I have learned a lot from this board, but if I go to the Utah board I can get the most unique tips. This place is about helping people and I use it a lot even though it is seasonally; as basically I am only an ice-fisherman. I know Windriver teaches at a school that has a few active fisherman; my school on the other hand thinks I am nuts to stand on the ice all day Saturday; great people, just a lack of passion. So, basically this is nice to have a place to vent and receive insight on good and bad fishing experiences.

I sometimes think all of our viewers have respect or they would not view. I appreciate people like Rob Thornberry; who will at least quote us in the Post Registrar as one of his sources. For others please feel free and join us. I am far from a pro and would welcome all insight. As far as hot spotting goes we really need to avoid it. Dito to what every one has said in keeping it to PMs. I know Ririe has been hit hard, but I might be wrong in this statement, but to me Fish and Game should know this and therefore they in turn should continue to invest in the fishery. All of you have made legitimate points, and I thank you.


Re: [Guest] Hello is anyone out there fishing? - fish1on - 02-15-2007

Hey there Rob,

How's about joining up and getting a screen name?? We welcome all here and you have posted on a couple occasions and sure would be nice to have another BFT Idaho member.

Re: [Guest] Hello is anyone out there fishing? - flygoddess - 02-15-2007

[black][size 1]Post:[/size][/black] [black][size 1]I, Rob Thornberry, very much enjoy this board.
Despite all my teasing in the paper, I thoroughly enjoy ice fishermen. They are the most helpful outdoorsmen on the planet. they want everybody to have fun and that is a great vibe.

I use the board as a source and hope it grows to incorporate more waters.

[black][size 2]As for blaming the media, that is a silly, simplistic argument. But that is for another post, another day.
Rob Thornberry
[url ""][/url] [/size][/black]

I am awaiting this POST, silly, simplistic.....I think your fooling yourself.
Again just my opinion

Re: [flygoddess] Hello is anyone out there fishing? - bdn06 - 02-15-2007

I can remember fishing the south fork of the snake years ago, in the winter. We used to park at Twin Bridges and bust a trail through the snow, upstream, and downstream, to fish. We did this in multiple locations on the river. It seemed nobody else was interested in walking through waste-deep snow to fish. We were the recipients of some very nice brown trout. Then someone took out one of the guys from the post register, and he wrote an article talking about the winter fishing. The next several months saw increasing traffic along the river, and the next several years it was no different from the summer. It may have been inevitable, but the article was certainly the catalyst for the winter pressure. I think it's just a little discouraging to work and find areas to fish, to figure out what to use, and be resourceful, and to potentially have that knowledge broadcast to the masses. It's hard to know what to really endorse, because I love to fish and want others to enjoy it, but I have also known the travesty of seeing my favorite waters trashed. But hey, if I were a reported I am sure I would feel differently.

Re: [windriver] Hello is anyone out there fishing? - bdn06 - 02-15-2007

You certainly didn't offend me, but then, some have said that is an impossible feat. I have been fishing, but unfortunately not in my home neck of the woods of southeastern Idaho. I have been over here in the Boise region, and not doing to damned good with the warm water species here, in the cold weather. I will catch a decent fish this year, howeve, if it's the last thing I do...[tongue] I am trying to bribe TD into coming up and sharing his knowledge, I just can't find the right bait...

Re: [bdn06] Hello is anyone out there fishing? - windriver - 02-15-2007

Good posts by everyone. Welcome to the board reellady. I agree with not hotspotting small bodies of water. I will be icefishing again this weekend and will let everyone know how I did. This may be my lastweekend of fishing for a few weeks as I will be using my saturdays for little league wrestling for a couple of months.

Good Luck to all this weekend even the lurkers[cool]


Re: [windriver] Hello is anyone out there fishing? - fishingrocket - 02-16-2007

windriver and all,

Somebody guilted me enough that I signed up. This is my first attempt at a post. Let me know how to improve.


Re: [fishingrocket] Hello is anyone out there fishing? - fish1on - 02-16-2007

Welcome aboard,

No improvement needed.........some of us could use a little trim around the sides but no one is perfect. LOL

Look forward to hearing a story or two from ya.

Re: [fish1on] Hello is anyone out there fishing? - fishingrocket - 02-16-2007


After months of tapping into this system for my own selfish gain, I want to start giving something back.

I am going to be careful about saying too much, because - as several have already indicated - the fishing communication system is prominent in many fishermen's scheme and good places can quickly become lousy if somebody says too much...

Brian has been very helpful for me personally and should be thanked for his informative and truthful posts.

I just got back from a steelhead trip on the Clearwater not far from Orofino and caught 10 in six days. That may not impress some but is pretty good for me. The largest was a hair over 15 pounds and the smallest was about 8 pounds. I usually bank fish (up there) but happened to be in a boat on this trip.


Re: [fishingrocket] Hello is anyone out there fishing? - jamon_negro - 02-16-2007

Well after reading these posts and having been a lurker for a few months now I figure I had better change my ways and sign-up. I've only lived here in Idaho for about 7 months so I'm still trying to figure out some good places to fish around the Boise area. I may not have much input for fishing in Idaho, but I am originally from Central Utah, so if any of you has any hunting or fishing questions about utah feel free to shoot me a p.m. or if you just want to help a guy out with some good fishing spots close to Boise that would be great as well.

Re: [jamon_negro] Hello is anyone out there fishing? - JoyRide - 02-16-2007

Welcome fishingrocket and jamon_negro. Good to have you aboard. The more folks the more information for us all. Anyone that fishes has some information to add or find information that can be used.

Re: [JoyRide] Hello is anyone out there fishing? - BrianID - 02-16-2007

Welcome to BFT fishingrocket and jamon_negro. No need to feel guilty for hesitating to sign up. You will probably find that you are able to learn even more by making posts and swapping information with others than you were able to just reading to posts. If there is anything I can do to help you use the forum let me know. If you would like you can edit your posts if you find an error. There is an edit button on the right hand corner of each post that you have made.

Sounds like you had a good steelhead trip. That is a much higher catch rate than the average angler. I've never really taken time to fish for steelhead. Next year I may have a little more time and will probably take a couple trips to the Clearwater or Salmon.

Re: [BrianID] Hello is anyone out there fishing? - fishingrocket - 02-16-2007


Thanks Brian. I started dabbling in the steelhead fishing a few years back and found the Clearwater fish to run about double in size to the Salmon River fish (B runs vs. A runs). I prefer to eat perch etc. but like to go once or twice to "feel the power".

How would I connect on a personal message?