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Who are you - poky-mon - 03-18-2007

Since we have had more people on the boards and the soft water is rapidly approaching lets see who is out there I'll start I'm I live in Pocatello I do lawn sprinklers so my 3 month weekend is over now its time to get back to work so I won't be fishin or anything else much in the near future. I like to fish and golf and drink beer but I have quit smokin for 3 weeks ( record for me) feel much better I figure the money saved from 3 pack days will pay for my next fishin outing with TubeN2 next winter Other than that I'll sign off and pop in here and there. Have a great summer

[Image: th_dogs009.jpg]

Re: [poky-mon] Who are you - RedDwarf - 03-19-2007

I live in Boise and work as a hydrogeologist for a major state agency[sly]
Most of my work is ground-water quality related. I have mostly been a stream fisherman, but got into float tubes last year. Fun stuff.


Re: [poky-mon] Who are you - tubeN2 - 03-19-2007

I used to live in Rigby. No I'm in Southern California. I must have made a wrong turn in Blackfoot or something. Oh well.

I am a Landscape Construction Manager and I fish every chance I get. I build ponds, plant fish in them and flyswatt them out. In the winter, I invite Pokymon over here and we drink beer and dream about catching big fish.[cool]

I enjoy float tubing. Actually I have enjoyed tubing for the last 30 years. I like fishing fresh and saltwater. I also enjoy my flyswatter.[cool]

Re: [poky-mon] Who are you - fish1on - 03-19-2007

I live in Roy Utah part time and bear lake the rest. I am ex AirForce and have lived in many places but finally settled here. I work as an electrician/ fire alarm tech. Just bought a pontoon last year and hope to get it on the water lot's. Seems like something I will enjoy.

Oh yea, I also serve as one of your co-moderators.

Re: [poky-mon] Who are you - EZOP - 03-19-2007

I operate all the Bureau of Rec. Dams on the Snake River System from a Control Center for a living. Fish, camp, beer, gardening, the wife, are all my hobbies.

Re: [EZOP] Who are you - jacksonlaker - 03-19-2007

So, your'e the guy who takes all the water out of PaliSades. Leave some in there this year !!! I live in Jackson,WY but I fish Idaho alot. Mostly trolling from my boat but I do hit the rivers on occasion.If you ever need info on this area let me know.

Re: [Kodiak] Who are you - idahopanfish - 03-19-2007

Hi Michael's the name and serving the Lord's my game! I work for A bean and comodities company driving their truck and keeping a warehouse in order here in Twin Falls.
I love to fish and love to tinker. I don't have a boat but do have a canoe, love to tube but now have a toon. I love to go where I have never fished and love to talk with anyone.
I love the panfish to eat and love to catch anything any method anytime.

Re: [idahopanfish] Who are you - jamon_negro - 03-19-2007

I'm Jake and I've lived in the Boise area for about a year. I'm origianlly from central Utah. I'm still learning the waters in Idaho, but I love to fish for just about any type of fish any way I can. As long as I'm fishing I'm happy.

Re: [wh0f4rted] Who are you - flyguy66 - 03-19-2007

My name is Cole. I grew up fishing small mountain streams and lakes in Eastern Idaho. Since living in Pocatello have explored a lot of the still water locations close by but still love to hike or bike in the mountains to fly fish for wild trout. I'm in graduate school at Idaho State for physical therapy so I don't get to fish quite as much as I'd like, but I'll be done with school in a year. Nice to read and learn about everyone else and what they're all about.

Re: [Kodiak] Who are you - poky-mon - 03-20-2007

Before that I worked at State Hospital North (the
mental hosp.) and at the old State Prison.

So you probably know evil ash (he didn't work there)[cool]

Re: [poky-mon] Who are you - tubeN2 - 03-20-2007

Are you Dissin my neighbor again??[shocked][pirate]

Re: [tubeN2] Who are you - vegasback2id - 03-20-2007

My name is Rex I grew up in IF joined the USAF and have now retired in Las Vegas. Grew up flyfishing the SF and now I mainly do stillwater in my toon not a whole lot of rivers down here. I try and make it back home at least once a year to flyfish all the great waters around my home town. I don't post here much but I do check it to see what is going on at home.

Re: [poky-mon] Who are you - BrianID - 03-20-2007

Good idea poky-mon.

Just click on my username and look at my profile for some information about me.

Re: [poky-mon] Who are you - PACKFAN - 03-21-2007

I'm originally from Wis. Joined the USAF in 1966, first tour of duty was Mt. Home Id. Met my wife there. Went to Viet Nam then finished out my 1st hitch at Holloman AFB N.M. Re-enlisted with tour of duty back to Mt. Home. That was my home address for the next 16 years. I retired from the A.F. in 1986, and we have spent the last 30 years living in Utah. I spent my 20 years as a Jet engine Technician in the A.F. I worked 5 years With Morton Thiokol after retirement as a Rocket test Technician on the space shuttle boosters, was laid off in 1992 and went to work at Parker Hannifin Aero Space in Ogden as a Hydraulic Assembly and Test technician on Boeing 737 flight controls. Left there in 1999 and went to work for the Civil Serice at Hill AFB in Utah where I'm currently a Quality Assurance Inspector on the F-22, F-16, A-10, and the C-130 aircraft. The wife and I love to hunt and fish and try to spend a few days in Idaho doing both every year. We plan on retiring within the next several yrs. and haven't decided on Id., Mt., or Wy. yet. I have met several people off the Idaho BFT site and had some help from some of the members last summer on some sweet fixen's for the Kokanee at Anderson. If any of you ever make it to Utah and require any info feel free to contact me. Tight lines and I enjoy reading your posts.[cool]

Re: [poky-mon] Who are you - bodine11 - 03-21-2007

My name if Jeff aka Bodine. I grew up my entire life in Paris, Idaho except for a 4 year stint in the Air Force. Started fishing when I was 5 years old with my dad on local creeks and rivers. Started fishing Bear Lake on a regular basis when I was 24 have been doing that and other lakes and resevoirs since. I am 45 now. Flaming gorge is my next favorite spot to fish just a lot further away. The marina at Bear lake is 18 miles from my house. I work in soda springs and have done for 20+ years. I am personal friend of fish1on one of the moderators of this board. Cool dude. Just keep an eye out for a 20' blue custom weld se. That could be me. I used to jig quit abit about 19 years ago unil I discovered downrigging now I do this almost exclusively with fairly good luck. Well in a nut shell thats me.


Re: [poky-mon] Who are you - lunkerhunter2 - 03-21-2007

My name is Brody and i was born in ut, lived in id for 6 years near twin falls and moved back to roy, ut where i met my wife and had 2 kids. Oh, and also spent $170k on a house. My hobbies are hunting and fishing. Whatever season it is i will be chasing that species.

Re: [lunkerhunter2] Who are you - Biglew - 03-22-2007

I'm Lew. 64 years old. Born in Idaho Falls, and raised in Ucon. Lived a couple of years in Canoga Park California, and couldn't get back to Idaho fast enough. Lots of "used ta's" in my life. Bad knees and feet have slowed me down a bunch. Flyfishing streams is my first love, but I never wade alone anymore. I fish stillwater out of a pontoon a lot now. I licensed my motorboat last year, and never put it on the water. I like Family, Church, Flyfishing, Camping, in that order, and anything else in the outdoors that I'm still able to do. I'm not a purist by any means. I carve a little elk horn occasionally, and tie my own flies. I'm retired, and looking for ways to get away from the refrigerator.

Re: [Biglew] Who are you - tubeN2 - 03-22-2007

Canoga Park??? We were practically neighbors. That is where I live now. It sure has changed over the last 24 years that I have been here.[cool]

Re: [tubeN2] Who are you - Biglew - 03-22-2007

Near the corner of Roscoe and Winetka, in a renovated chicken coop. 1965. Lean times, but good times.

Re: [Biglew] Who are you - tubeN2 - 03-22-2007

Cool... I'm on Corbin and Sherman way. Only 3 blocks away. I'm in a 600K chicken coop. What a difference??[cool]