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Daniels Ice ? - DTHagen - 03-19-2007

Does anyone know if the ice is coming off Daniels yet? I need to fish some soft water soon.

Thanks in advance.

Re: [DTHagen] Daniels Ice ? - fly_fishing_nut - 03-19-2007

I heard that the ice is off Daniels now but I am not 100% sure.

Re: [fly_fishing_nut] Daniels Ice ? - DTHagen - 03-20-2007

Thanks FFN. Looks like I will be dragging the toon up there next Monday...

Re: [DTHagen] Daniels Ice ? - EagleEyes - 03-20-2007

Be sure and give us a fishin' report following your trip. Don't need to tell us the hot spot, just the rest of the good stuff.

Re: [DTHagen] Daniels Ice ? - RedDwarf - 03-20-2007

Don't know about Daniels, but we drove past Devil Creek on Sunday. It still had ice but looked very slushy. About 20 feet of open water along the shore. I think Daniels is higher in elevation, so it may still have some ice on it.


Re: [RedDwarf] Daniels Ice ? - DTHagen - 03-21-2007

I received confirmation that Daniels is ice free. I'll give an update Monday night or Tuesday.


Re: [DTHagen] Daniels Ice ? - flygoddess - 03-22-2007

[black][size 4]That is good to hear. I have to do my weekend thing for the next two weeks but then I have a weekend off (first weekend of April) so might have to dig the Trailer out and head up.[/size][/black]

Re: [DTHagen] Daniels Ice ? - fishingrocket - 03-23-2007

I am not as confident as you seem to be about ice on Daniels not being there. There is one post here that says they heard it is ice free but did not witness it. Another says that Devil Creek still had ice. I checked the elevations and both Daniels and Devil Creek are about 5,160 feet MSL so should be comparable unless Daniels was filling rapidly or subject to other environmental factors that we don't know about. The Idaho State Jounal has the reports from a local fly shop and the issue dated 3/23/07 says Daniels has open water only on the upper end otherwise remains iced over.


Re: [fishingrocket] Daniels Ice ? - flyguy66 - 03-23-2007

I would agree with fishingrocket in his statement regarding the ice at Daniels. I would doubt that it is completely ice free, but would guess that the upper end near the inlet has some open water. I ice fished at chesterfield a little over a week ago, so I would be hesitant to say that Daniels is ice free. Granted, the Chesterfield area is typically colder than Daniels, but I would recheck your sources that say Daniels is completely free of ice.

Re: [DTHagen] Daniels Ice ? - acey - 03-24-2007

Mr friend Fred went to Daniels around Monday,March 19th to check it out. He said the east bank was open water out about 75 feet from the shallow bay near the dam up to the fist small ourhouse on the east bank. There were lost of bank fishermen trying their luck, but didn't see many caught. He bought some metal t-posts to try and anchor the dock down. His fishing buddy Boyd has a hard time getting in and out of the boat and needs a rigid dock to assist him. I assume it is melting fast now. Acey

Re: [flygoddess] Daniels Ice ? - acey - 03-26-2007

FG- How soon after ice off does the water in a lake turn over? I guess it depends on the temperatures and wind, right? If a lake is in turnover is it worth fishing, or best to wait several weeks for it to clear back up. What is your experience? I hope to get out soon to try out some of your flies. I finally broke down and got both the Utah and Idaho licenses (my Christmas present). Thanks, Acey

Re: [acey] Daniels Ice ? - davetclown - 03-26-2007

The lake turns over before the ice begins to melt.

When ice fishing you will see it.

The debris from the bottom will come to the top.

You spend most of the spring waiting for all the sediment to settle back down. So much food is available for the fish they seem to have loc jaw, not true they just have so much food available they aren’t interested for the most part, to get them you need to aggravate them in to biting.

As soon as ice is gone, hit the canals for early crappie fishing... its a cant miss...

Water temps rise back when the worm rains set in... And when the frost is out of the ground...

Now if you are talking about the flop of the thermal cline being the reverse of the water temp above the thermal cline raises higher than the waters below the thermal cline, that is what triggers many of the pan fishery spawn, this includes bass gills perch gills,....

Before the rise of the lake temps, cold water runs in from the rivers triggering run from pike suckers and carp minnows and chubs. The fish feel the cold waters in the spring and know the temps are cool enough to support them in the rivers. Yep they are cold water fish, Trout, Salmon, included with those listed above..

to answer your question is it a good time to go fishing? I will answer it all depends on where you want to fish...

Re: [acey] Daniels Ice ? - flygoddess - 03-26-2007

[black][size 3]We haven't hit Daniels this early before, but deep water Chironomids work great with all the debris in the water.[/size][/black]
[size 3]By deep nymphing, I am talking 20' deep.[/size]

Re: [Qdog] Daniels Ice ? - flygoddess - 03-26-2007

[black][size 3]After seeing the Trophy Tiger Trout, I am now thinking heading down south.[cool][/size][/black]