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bugs in fish - goindeep - 04-04-2007

Has anyone besides me caught the fish in Deep Creek this year with little black bugs under the skin/inthe meat? What are they? And are they harmful?

Re: [goindeep] bugs in fish - BrianID - 04-05-2007

I ice fished Deep Creek three times in December and early January. I saw over 100 fish come out of the ice at Deep Creek this winter and several hundred others over the last few years. I have never seen any black spots on fish from Deep Creek that I can remember. I didn't bring any home to eat this winter and didn't take a really close look at most of the fish I caught. It is possible that I caught fish with these black spots and didn't notice it. Do you have any pictures of these fish?

Guest, thanks for the information. I hope you register a username and come back often.

Re: [BrianID] bugs in fish - goindeep - 04-05-2007

I have no pictures and if you didn't clean/filet these fish you wouldn't notice them. I checked the link of the previous reply and that appears to be what I've seen. This is something we have be seeing in the fish since last summer.

Re: [goindeep] bugs in fish - JoyRide - 04-06-2007

If you check the Utah site you'll see they have reported fish with parasites from several different waters. You might give a holler over there and see what they thinik.