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First H.F. catch - flyfish_88 - 04-11-2013

Caught my first fish on the Henry's Fork yesterday. On my second cast I had a pretty large one break me clean off. It hit son hard it almost pulled my rod right outta my hand. Guess I need to learn a stronger knot. Anyways after the first one landed I caught eight more all browns. Nothing picture worthy but still fun to catch.

Re: [flyfish_88] First H.F. catch - monkeee2002 - 04-11-2013

Sounds like a great day!

I'd rather catch a dozen small fish, than no fish!

Re: [flyfish_88] First H.F. catch - cpierce - 04-11-2013

Looks like you had a great day. Thanks for sharing it.

Re: [flyfish_88] First H.F. catch - Belasko - 04-12-2013

Nice Bow! That river is full of fish just like it