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Catfish Contest 2014 Catrat - Catrat - 08-11-2014

Caught at Utah Lake Aug. 11th. These are not very big but good to get an entry in. Catfish are 23 and 23.5 inches long.


And thanks back at ya for contributing your entry. Those are a fun-size fish to catch, no doubt. Bet they put a good bend in your rod.

23 pnts
23.5 pnts

Re: [Catrat] Catfish Contest 2014 Catrat - SkunkedAgain - 08-11-2014

Nice job, good to get BLK some help down there. 23" fish are pretty nice sized fish, don't under sell them. Good job. J

Re: [Catrat] Catfish Contest 2014 Catrat - Catrat - 09-02-2014

This is my best catfish so far this year. Caught at Utah Lake on 9-2-14 while fishing with carp meat. The catfish is 26 inches long.

That works! Sorry for the delay, was waiting for a wrapup.

Nice cat, that size can really fight like crazy!
26 pnts