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2015 Catfish Contest - Catrat - 06-01-2015

First post for me this year. Finally got out with my brothers and grandpa. We had a good day and I caught some nice catfish. The two biggest will at least get me in the contest.

Caught at Utah Lake on June 1st. They are 24 and 25 inches long. Both were caught on carp meat.


[#005000]Welcome aboard the scoreboroard. You're in good company. Nice start.
24 pnts
25 pnts

Re: [Catrat] 2015 Catfish Contest - Boatloadakids - 06-02-2015

Oops... he forgot to put his BFT user name in the heading of his post. Can it be fixed??

Re: [Catrat] 2015 Catfish Contest - Catrat - 06-15-2015

Caught at Utah Lake on June 15, 2015. He is 25 inches long.


[#005000]Nice fish. Looks like ya got a good hold on 'er, and the tape. Helping hands!
25 pnts