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Fontenelle - ol_boy23 - 12-27-2016

Anybody had any luck/info on the conditions over that way any info will be appreciated

Re: [ol_boy23] Fontenelle - The_Red_Leaker - 12-27-2016

Also, looking for a Fontanelle fishing report - specifically burbot info. Any info would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Re: [The_Red_Leaker] Fontenelle - kokeking - 12-28-2016

I talked to a guy over at sportmans in RS last week, He said he was up to fontenelle on 12/19 and the whole pond was capped. Said they did real good on the bows,with a few smaller browns thrown in for good measure. He didn't say anything about the burbot .

Re: [kokeking] Fontenelle - ol_boy23 - 12-28-2016

Thanks for the info hopefully will be heading up next week

Re: [ol_boy23] Fontenelle - The_Red_Leaker - 12-28-2016

Look forward to hearing how you do. I'll be heading up the week of Jan 10th. - Good luck........

Re: [kokeking] Fontenelle - one8sevenn - 12-30-2016

It has only been above freezing as a high once in the past 3 weeks. Make sure you have fresh blades for the auger, I suspect that the ice will be pretty thick.

Re: [one8sevenn] Fontenelle - Euge136 - 12-31-2016

18 inches or more at Viva on Wednesday. [laugh]

Re: [ol_boy23] Fontenelle - SLAPPINTHEBASS - 01-05-2017

Looking for info on taking a side by side on fontenelle.. is it easy access? Are there a ton of pressure ridges? I'm sure the ice is plenty thick but it would be my first time taking it on the ice and I'm pretty scared haha. Thanks for the info

Re: [SLAPPINTHEBASS] Fontenelle - ol_boy23 - 01-06-2017

I didn't end up making up there Im hoping Monday if everything goes as planned the ice should be plenty thick tho

Re: [ol_boy23] Fontenelle - Elkhunter1834 - 01-09-2017

Wanting to hit fontenelle this week and chase browns and burbot. never done it before. Wondering if there is a specific techniques and bait. Any help would be appreciated.