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Canyon Lake Report 6-20-04

Bass fishing is good at night, morning and evening but slow during the heat of the day. Crankbaits and plastics are catching fish. Garland spider jigs and lizards are working well here. Some big fish are being caught at night. Smallmouth action can be really good right at dark; imitation crawdads work well. At night try noisy topwater lures and crankbaits.

This is also a great lake for yellow bass, a member of the true bass family. Locate balls of shad and jig spoons in and around the school of shad.

A few walleye are being caught trolling along cliffs. Shad imitation Rat-L-Traps can be effective for walleye here.

Big carp can be caught off the shore in the recreation and beach/picnic area. Use dough bait and corn. Small bluegill are being caught in the shallows and around docks with worms.

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