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2010-2011 Winners
Congratulations to this years winners.

Overall point winners.
1st Tmas with 149 points.
2nd Bearnk82 with 145.5 points.
3rd Hookngrinin with 133 points.

Largest fish.
39.5 inch Tiger Muskellunge caught by Tmas.

Largest Trout.
32 inch Lake Trout caught by Bearnk82.
Thanks for managing the ice fishing challenge this year. It was a fun ice season. BIGbites and I had some fun times fishing many waters together.

Congrats to Tmas and Bearnk82. Tmas' Tiger muskie and Bearnk82's Lake trout were very impressive.

It is now time to get the boat out and post up some open water fishing reports.

[fishin] [cool]

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