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It's kind of tough to predict size, one lake up the big sandy trail head a number of years ago was producing 20-24" cutties and a lot of them. Went back a couple years ago and we couldn't buy a bite out of that lake... Another lake that had been producing big macs for a couple years, last time we were there, they were all skinny snakes... but they were hungry and you could get hit about every cast... Next time we go there, they may all be starved out... or maybe feed will increase and they will be very nice fish... just hard to predict, but I liked the advice you got about finding areas with lots of other options, so if lake A don't work out try B and C and maybe you'll find great fish in one of the others... I quite often end up in the B or C or F option before I find fish, but I usually do, it's a great area and one of my favorites...Later Jeff

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