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Standings 2019 Cat Contest
Hey everyone I know some of you crazies are watching for this to show up, so here it is... After the first most of a week, the north starts off with a fairly size able lead.. 125.5 to 0.... Probably the biggest lead of the contest, but who knows it might get bigger... After this opening round kfisher is currently number one with 72.5 points with Ahi close on his heals at 53 points and with the current biggest fish at 29"... Must admit I didn't think the north would start off with the lead, you two are rock stars in my book... nice job!!! Team south I expect you to come roaring back and take the lead... Be safe, careful and have fun everyone... Later J

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Standings 2019 Cat Contest - by SkunkedAgain - 03-05-2019, 10:08 PM

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