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Standings 2019 Cat Contest
There will be a lot of big fish yet to come this year, however, for some the contest will be close to over... It's really hard to beat 32" fish and bump your score much, but you don't know unless you keep trying... However, everyone needs to keep in mind bottomwatchers one or two night tally a couple years ago where he went from zero to winning the contest in a very short time... Not all can do that, but it has happened even late in the season... For me I find the bigger fish before the spawn, so my season is running out soon, but a lot of that has to do with farming habits too that take up most of my time... I really wish I had time to get out more now, but I'm already feeling the change of the seasons and my time will be much more limited from here on out... I really want to find a couple more better fish, but not sure when I'll get out to try them... Later J

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