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2019 Catfish Contest - Brookie
These are from the Flotilla on Saturday - my biggest 3 of the day. Go South team. Boy it is hard to take good photos of fish on a tape.

[#00bf00]Nice first day out, I got 23.5, 26.5 and 27 points respectively... Next time on your entry put the date, where caught and the length you measured the fish at... No worries if you forget, but it's a standard format that makes it easier for me as I score the fish... Great job!! You may have saved the top 20 lead for the south, but I haven't run the numbers yet, the north had taken the lead prior to your fish... [/#00bf00]

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2019 Catfish Contest - Brookie - by brookie - 05-08-2019, 01:49 AM

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