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2019 catfish contest Catrat
I love sound of that set-up. Big baits for big fish. The proof is in the pictures, you guys are making a great push. I am a practitioner of the big bait theory myself and know it works. Tell those young men to keep hammering them. There's got to be some 30+ coming soon, or in your case, that 36" is still waiting for you...

I just talked to a guy out at willard that had a nice Smokercraft that he was pulling family members around in. (We are out playing in the kayaks and paddleboards with the rest of Northern UT) and asked if he fishes out of it. He aid yes and that he loves the boat. He showed me a picture of a great cat he caught out here at Willard. He said it was over 10 lbs. It looked like it. I asked him if he measured it, but he said no. I asked if he was a BFT member, also a no. Too bad, we are short on northern members in the cat contest.

I keep hoping for the 33"+, but so far not yet...

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