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Pictures, resizing, temp fix for problems??
By now we all know our beloved add image feature is gone, hopefully for only a short time.  But, we do have the NEW ATTACHMENT option at the bottom.  It is limited to size, a problem that I don't know how to correct, but one we can, in some part, get around for adding pictures.

I PM'd Wipperhunter2 and asked him how he resized pictures.  I know that most of our pics taken from current phones and cameras are way over 2MB so something has to be done to them.  He said to "go for it" when I asked if he was ok with me posting suggestions.

The following is what I discovered when I did some research.  I also know that some of the information is old, obsolete, or takes you in loops, so I did not confirm all methods.  I did delete one that looked very promising, but it was an experimental open source program that I just did not trust.

So, here is the information, and I invite all to add their best method.  I sure do miss Windows XP for this.  LOL

Let's see if it shows up.  If not, I will try to copy and paste.

[font="Open Sans", sans-serif]A)     [/font][font="Open Sans", sans-serif]Wiperhunter2 said: I'm using a Chrome book. I open the pic in Gallery, then click on the crop and rotate button, on the right you will see, Free Original, square, 16.9, 3.2, and 4.3, I click on 3.2. Then hit the done button and the pic is resized. That is the pic I will use but if for some reason that does not make it 2 MB or smaller then you can do it again.[/font]

[font="Open Sans", sans-serif]B)     [/font][font="Open Sans", sans-serif]Anglinarcher said: OK, I use a laptop.  Microsoft Windows 10.  If I take the original and take it to the 3.2 it does reduce it.  But.... if it is not enough I [/font][font="Open Sans", sans-serif]can't do it again[/font][font="Open Sans", sans-serif].  If I crop the picture or make it square, it reduces it more.  I can see this may not work on super high-quality pictures, you know, the ones we like to see posted.  LOL[/font]

[font="Open Sans", sans-serif]Researching on line gave several options.[/font]

C) “In Windows XP you also can use the "Windows Picture and Fax Viewer" to reduce the size of an image:
  • Double-click on the image file to open it
  • Right-click on the image 
  • Select Resize Picture
  • Select Small or Medium
  • Click the OK button.”

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