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Thank you
Just wanted to say thanks to everyone on BFT that has been willing to help me out and teach me over the years. I’m not a very good student, I have a stubborn streak and like to do things my way to a fault. But I’m starting to see your lessons are sinking in. The other day at Hyrum I realized maybe I had been listening when Pat showed me how to fillet fish. We had 20 or so fish and that used to take me forever to get through a batch like that. Instead it was zip, zip,zip repeat. Squirt Greg and repeat. Didn’t take long at all to get a really nice pile of fillets. Thanks Pat. Also found I was using a drop shot rig that I forget who showed me how to do that and I was tying my hooks on with Palomar knots and tipping my jigs with sweetener. Don’t think I used any of these before I started hanging out with you guys. Not to mention smoking my fish or pigout chowder. Yup you guys have taught me a lot. Just wanted to say thank you. Later Jeff
When things get stressful think I'll go fish'en and worry about it tomorrow!

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