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Bonneville whitefish and other Bear Lake fishing is hot!
I fixed your pics for you, the method you used is not allowed, unless you are adding a PDF file.
If you are posting pics from your phone here is the method:

I use an Android phone, not sure if an iPhone will be the same

1- Type your text for the post

2- Make sure your cursor is located in the post where you want the photo to be. If your cursor is sitting inbetween words in a sentence the photo will split the sentence

3- just below the post there is a blue icon with the wording " add image to post". Click this

4- a folder with the words "choose image" will appear. Click this

5- I then get a few options at the bottom of my phone as to where to find my photos. I always click the "files" option

6- now it may differ for everyone from here as you will have to find the photo and that depends on how you save and file your photos. For me I use the drop down menu bars on the upper left and hit gallery, but you may need to search by file name if you use files to organize your photos.

7- when you find the photo, just click on it and it will drop it in at the right aspect ration, wherever you had you cursor.
If you are using a PC or a laptop, below is the method:

1. First you need to have your cursor below your typed post.
2. Right below where you type your post you will see, "Add image to post", click on that box.
3. A new box will open and you will see, "browse from your computer", click that and it should open up the pics in your device.
4. Click on the pic you want to add, then on the bottom you will see open, click that button.
5. A new box will open and the pic you selected will be in it, then just click on the "upload" button and your pic should appear in your post.

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