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It May Take Longer to Launch This Summner -KSL
(05-12-2022, 03:14 PM)dubob Wrote:
(05-12-2022, 03:20 AM)mtncat1 Wrote:
(05-10-2022, 09:22 PM)TroutScout Wrote:

i checked out the story yesterday and saw no mention of why it may take longer to launch, am i missing something ?
My take on it is this.  If going to the Gorge from Utah, you will be required to get your boat checked at the Evanston, WY Port of Entry.  If that is your normal route, no problem.  If you live in Vernal, you have to drive past the Gorge and go to Evanston to get your boat checked for AIS BEFORE you launch in the Gorge. "Failing to comply with any of the inspection rules can result in a citation. There were over 600 citations issued last year alone."

If going to the east side Bear Lake, it depends on from which direction you approach.  If you go there from the west, no problem.  You will drive past a check station.  If you approach from the east and will launch from the east side, then you will have to drive past the east side turn-off and continue to an open check station to have your water vessel checked for AIS.

Going past your desired launch ramp and then returning will add more time to get launched.

The KSL article did not mention other possible sources of acceptable proof of inspection/decontamination such as from Idaho or Colorado or from a state certified decontamination station such as those at Lake Powell or Lake Mead.  There are dozens of decon stations throughout Utah that may qualify as proof of your water vessel being AIS free. 

Another thing the KSL article didn't mention is that there is a check station at the Anvil Draw Rd junction that is as valid for boat inspections as the Evanston Station.  There are also 3 Wyoming certified boat inspectors that live in Manila but are open by appointment only.  Still a pain for Vernal folks wanting to launch near Dutch John, but closer than Evanston.

This isn't going to be a fun summer for some folks wanting to fish the Gorge and getting there from the east or south.  Big Grin

that's crazy if it's true bob , i can' t see anyone backtracking all the way to evanston for a inspection

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