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CJ Strike, Cove Arm
Well just got back from CJ Strike/Cove Arm. 4 of us went 2 toons and 2 tubes. 1 fly rod and 3 with various jigs. No bites till about 4 and that was when I went to a drop shot with only a piece of worm on a red hook. Caught 2 crappie and 1 12" bass. One other of our party had a hit.

There were 3 boats and about 6 bank fishermen all day. Nothing was real fast and only slightly picked up around 4. We left at 5. Forgot my fish finder so don't know the water temp, but my feet got a little chilled but not cold so maybe around 40 deg.

I had to let my wife use the camera for her womens retreat so I will need to get the pics from one of the guys and post them latter. Guess we need another camera.

Had a GREAT DAY thankyou LORD.

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