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SE Region Regulation meetings
Here are some of my thoughts on these proposed changes.

#1 - I'm not opposed to increasing the legal size to 20" at Treasureton. I would release any trout I catch at Treasureton regardless of the length limit. According to the data the F&G presented increasing the legal size to 20" wouldn't significantly increase the number of large fish in Treasureton. If this is true, I think it would be better to leave the minimum size at 16". I don't think there is anything wrong with guys who would like to keep a couple 17" fish they catches at Treasureton, especially if it isn't going to significantly reduce the number of large fish in this reservoir.

#2 - I already stated my opinion on this one. I believe the bass fishing at Condie would actually be better if the legal size of bass was reduced to 16". The F&G have data to back this up. I doubt I would every keep any 17" bass from Condie. If guys want to keep a couple for the grill and it helps the bass fishing at Condie become more stable, it is a win-win situation.

#3 - I think this should have been done a few years ago. It is a great place for a family fishing water.

#4 - I think opening McCoy Creek earlier would be a good idea. I doubt it would significantly affect the fishing and provide some good cutthroat fishing opportunity for fishermen. Making McCoy Creek "no bait" from Memorial day to July 1st may make some fishermen feel better but I don't think it would make a significant difference.

#5 - I would like to see a 12"-18" slot on the bass in Lake Walcott and Snake River between Walcott and American Falls Reservoir. On top of that I would like to see all bass become catch and release until July 1st to protect the big fish during the spawn. No spring harvest and a slot has worked very well for Oxbow Reservoir. The Snake River downstream of American Falls and Lake Walcott have the potential to produce large smallmouth and I would like to see it managed accordingly. There are plenty of places to harvest bass for guys that want to grill them. This area already has some confusing rules so this shouldn't be hard to follow. The F&G has collected some very good data from this area and are willing to manage it for quality bass they just need public support. The F&G will know better than I do on what slot will maximize the number of big bass and create a healthy age class distribution. A 13”-18” slot or 14”-20” slot may work better than the 12”-18” slot I mentioned. Please let the F&G know you want this area to be managed for quality bass!

#6 I think allowing "non motorized boats" or "electric motors only" would be a great idea. Restricting boats on these bodies of water was originally a result of the landowners' request who have been kind enough to allow angler access.

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